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Les vaches qui condamnent : Cherchez the Red Heifers’ animal rights "Updated"

First, Chag Sameach

On Sunday, scores of right-wing religiously fanatic Jewish Israelis began to flock to East Jerusalem in preparation for the celebration of Passover bringing with them livestock mostly goats to sacrifice at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Yet this seems normal somehow and it will be not the main event on Monday in East Jerusalem this Passover with all that is happening from escalation in the West Bank as well as ongoing genocide in Gaza.

The red heifers by Night Cafe 

This Passover, the main event that will capture I believe the attention of many in the world is the red heifers and whether an Ulta-right Jewish Institute will sacrifice them at Mount Olive in East Jerusalem ushering the final stage in re-establishing the Third Temple in the same place of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s holiest site.

"Updated: They adjourned it"

If you are lost and don't know what I am talking about, here is a simple explanation.

Following the destruction of the Solomon Temple twice, there are factions of Jews who believe that the Third Temple will be rebuilt again on the Temple Mount after the birth and sacrifice of red heifers or cows on Mount Olive where they were burned to ashes like in ancient times.

Now there is one issue the Temple Mount officially is not empty because it hosts Islam’s third holiest place, Beit Al-Maqdas or Al-Harm Al-Sharif hosts Al-Aqsa Mosque “Third Holiest Mosque” and the Dome of the Rock thus there are right-wing religiously fanatic Jewish groups that want to demolish Al-Harm Al-Sharif.

Among those fanatic current Israeli ministers are Itamar Ben-Gvir, Amihai Eliyahu and Bezalel Smotrich who do not hide this wish and actually are working hard to make that happen eventually regardless of the price the world will pay.

If you are truly an expert in the Middle East, you will know that the trio are not less dangerous than religious terrorist organizations and they are associated with Jewish terrorist organizations and current Israeli settlers on the US sanctions list.

Last week Member of Knesset Yitzhak Pindrus called on Jews to perform the "Passover sacrifice" for the third temple. 

Those fanatics are not only working through the Israeli government, but they are like the political arm of groups and movements dedicated solely to preparing for the construction of the Third Temple above them Temple Institute and Temple Faithful.

The Temple Institute announced that it got five red heifers to be sacrificed and burnt to ashes this year. Those red heifers were genetically engineered in Taxes to be fully red without blemish. 

They were sent to Israel in 2022 where they were kept on a farm in Northern Israel where they have never worked, given birth, been milked or worn a yoke according to the religious prophecies those groups believe in.

The heifers eat at the farm they are kept at in North Israel

This year and with the war on Gaza, the Temple movements believe that it is time to do it: To sacrifice those heifers and blow up those “Muslim Mosques” to build the third temple.

According to several groups from this movement, they will do it this year during Passover.

Not many Muslims followed that cow drama or even knew that they existed till last month when videos and podcasts as well as TV shows began to speak about those red heifers and the plans to rebuild the Temple over Al-Aqsa.

The Israeli government can go to the United Nations Security Council and claim that it wants to protect Al-Harm Al-Sharif from Iran when we all know back in the Middle East that they are lying. The proof is the Temple Institute and the merry trio in the current Israeli government.

FYI, the hardcore Iranian Shias do not want to target Beit Al-Maqdas because according to their belief, they will be its liberators.

I have a question.

Those cows should have been born naturally according to my understanding of Jewish traditions, but these ill-fated red cows were genetically engineered. This is not natural regardless of whether they were born naturally and not through a C-section, is this accepted religiously?

Another question

The whole world knows now that five living animals are going to be sacrificed and burnt to ashes during this Passover, yet I do not see the same anger by some animal rights organizations above them PETA expresses every Eid Al-Adha in the Islamic world.

Or PETA does not recognize the rights of animals genetically engineered in labs!?

Third question:

Where is the secular West from this end-of-the-world madness? Where is secular Europe?

I am not waiting for any move from the US because the top donors to the temple movements are mostly American billionaires including evangelical Zionist Christians.

Aside note: I do not think that the United States should lecture the world on secularism when its political leadership speaks about why Americans should stand beside Israel in religious terms like that. 

There is an important fact the number of Zionist evangelical Christians supporting Israel and its government is more than the number of Jews in the US whether Zionist or Non-Zionist altogether.

US Right-wing evangelical Zionist Christians are already leading the “burn-the-cows” circus because they believe that it will hurry up rapture through the holy war between Jews and Muslims and Christ will come down to Earth.

Ironically those Zionist Christians believe that after the rapture the rest of the Jews got two options “Muslims are dead in that holy war”: Either to convert or die.

If this is not antisemitism, I do not know what else can be. The Israeli government has no problem with those allies.

FYI, Islamically, the only heifer mentioned in the Holy Quran is related to the Israelites when God ordered them to sacrifice a heifer or a cow which was a bright yellow heifer—pleasant to see in Surat Al-Baqara, the second Surat in the Holy Quran.

This is the only mention. There is no mention of red heifers sacrificed for restoring the Mount Temple.

So religiously Muslims know that nothing will happen, nevertheless, they are concerned that those mad cow people will bring more hell on earth than it is already there.

Muslims are concerned Ben Gvir, and his thugs will burn or let the Al-Aqsa Mosque burn like in year 1969 when a crazy Christian Zionist did it and in the end, the world will watch condemning what happened and nothing more will happen.

 When Muslims react then they will be labeled terrorists.

Personally, I hope those modern Templars keep those cows alive for another year and delay another fight for another time.


  1. Can Muslims be right wing? Can there be ultra religious Muslims? Can Muslims be conservative? When the Mufti of Jerusalem hangs out with Hitler, is Hitler no longer right wing? Or is the Mufti no longer Muslim?

    1. They can, anyone supporting Arab colonisation of holiest sites from other religion is a right wing arab divine supremacist. Temple mount, Hagia Sofia, those are not muslim, return them. Nobody is colonising Arabia.

  2. Lol a Muslim teaching us about how to treat animals. Hilarious 😂

  3. Instead of Zenobia xenophobia quote the 1000 self loathing Jews such as Haaretz, maybe she might read some actually history. 70% of Jews are born in Palestine. More than 50% are not defended from Europeans. Let's learn about the 2500 year old Egyptian Jews.

  4. But we should focus on the rights of Christians in Bethlehem right Xenobia? Arab word for apartheid? hm.. Islam. hypocrite!!!!

  5. Americans like most Europeans stand beside Israel because they know Israel in on the side of good. Are the French worried about Jews taking hostages at the Olympics? Or are they worried about those with a track (lol) record..?

  6. Interesting. Religious people are fanatics. Is this common wisdom in Egypt?


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