Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Happy Eid despite all the hardships and war in Gaza and Sudan

Happy Eid El-Fitr to the dear readers of the Egyptian Chronicles around the globe especially those who are observing.

A very special Happy Eid El-Fitr to the people of Gaza, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Despite the death and destruction, Palestinians are endeavouring to celebrate Eid El-Fitr as best they can.

A Palestinian woman with her Eid Kahk
A Palestinian woman with her Eid Kahk aka cookies by 
Majdi Fathi in Deir Al-Balah, in the central Gaza Strip April 8, 2024

Women and children have gathered to make Eid cookies or Kahk, which differs from ours, despite being at the Internal Displacement Camps (IDC), using mud ovens like their ancestors did in 1948.

I read that in Palestinian Rafah, where a million and a half Palestinians have taken refuge, there are two hairdressers with queues of women and children since early Tuesday.

I see videos on Instagram of men having their hair cut in makeshift barbershops inside the tents.

Some may wonder how Palestinians can celebrate while in a war with over 33,000 killed. My answer is that this is another form of resistance.

All those Palestinian women have not only lost their homes but also lost someone to the Israeli war machine.

Palestinian women preparing Eid cookies or Kahk in Deir El-Balah on  Monday 8 April by Majdi Fathi
Palestinian women preparing Eid cookies or Kahk in Deir El-Balah on 
Monday 8 April by Majdi Fathi 

Yet, they hold onto every moment of normal life for the sake of the future, the children.

This is what they have been taught by their grandparents who left their homes in the middle of the night to survive the hell of Zionist terrorist gangs 75 years ago.

They bake and go to hairdressers with the kids to give Palestinian children some sort of hope.

This year , the adults organized events to cheer up the children in North Gaza after what they have endured.

I have no doubt that the majority of people in Gaza believe this is their worst Eid, but they hide it due to their strong beliefs and patience. It is a test they are enduring.

Even children know that this is not "real Eid" times.

Inshallah, soon that nightmare will end, and next Eid Gaza will rise from the ashes like its symbol, the Phoenix.

Happy Eid to all the Sudanese people stuck in the war of two awful war criminals. Inshallah next Eid , that awful war will be over and they will be back home. Unfortunately , it seems that Gaza has a bless when it comes to telecommunications.

Sudan suffers from a blackout but I know the Sudanese people are strong enough to survive. 


  1. Palestinians just like the phoenix. A pagan myth. Begone..

    1. I understand and share your bitterness.


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