Egyptian Chronicles: So Gamal Mubarak Office Now Stalks Bloggers !!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

So Gamal Mubarak Office Now Stalks Bloggers !!

Political activist and blogger Amr Osama was surprised from two weeks when he found out his “”blog was shut down by Eb2a internet service  hosting company without any notification from any kind.
Site blocked
When he tried to contact the  customer support of that company which is located in Dubai , he found out that it blocked his blog after receiving a complaint from Gamal Mubarak’s office !!??

According to the hosting company's customer support it had to shut down the blog because they received a complaint form Gamal Mubarak’s office after the complaint so-called an insult to Hosni Mubarak and his family !!

I do not think that Gamal Mubarak’s office is behind this complaint , it is mostly someone from the NDP supporters who signed the complaint as Gamal Mubarak’s office.
Anyhow I am not surprised from the actions of Eb2a , it is normal considering being an Arab hosting company , this is why I prefer foreign hosting companies or blogging services like and
Amr now has got a new blog with new url , also his old blog’s url redirects to the new one.
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Screencaps from Amr Osama’s new blog.
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  1. Tell him to make sure to file an official complaint with Dubai's Telecom authority bec in no way this is a legit reason to block a clients account and also to complaint to the DA office in Egypt officially. The only way to deal with that type of intimidation is by using proper legal means against those behind them.

  2. LOL Zeinab you are so angry when it comes to Gamal!

    So angry that you don't even proofread and trigger happy to press POST, any mention of the Mubaraks and you foam at the mouth.

    Please stop calling yourself a journalist because you are no better than the clown at Al Ahram who shills for the government! You on the other hand blindly shill for el baradei.

    PS Unlike the Ahram you choose to photoshop and twist words around instead of pictures!

  3. Is Anonymous 03:07:00 AM a Mubarak/NDP supporter? That's a novelty around here.

  4. @Jason: nope not a novelty dnt u remember the threats Z and the rest of her readers got some days ago, may be bec it was in Arabic.
    There was also this reader who shows up every now and then and tell us how Gamal made Egypt so great, what a joke

  5. Obviously Gamal Mubarak has become a hot issue, people dont take it lightly. but really despite one's believes, freedom of speech is everyone's right.

  6. 'There was also this reader who shows up every now and then and tell us how Gamal made Egypt so great, what a joke'

    lol the joke is on you ISA when you wake very soon and Jimmy is our president! accept you fate the WHOLE WORLD is behind GAMAL!

  7. @Anonymous 08:25:00 PM "the WHOLE WORLD is behind GAMAL!"

    That's not true. Zeinobia and I disagree on many things, but we both hate hereditary dictatorships. The argumentative Sudanese faction that comments here frequently doesn't like the Mubarak regime either. On my blog I get comments from Egyptian and Saudi academics, and I have never encountered one who likes the regime. (Except Mohamed El Naschie, but he doesn't comment on El Naschie Watch.) So I think you underestimate people's antipathy. Of course Gamal may be forced upon Egypt anyway.

  8. @Jason

    Granted he is not liked or even tolerated, but one can argue that the Papandreou Dynasty (3 generations) in Greece is the same! Yet the Greeks are well aware that the younger Papandreou’s steady hand is essential to implement the austerity measures!

    And to argue that Elbaradei is a viable alterative with his useless platitudes would be very sophomoric! And I'm sure the Coptic minority would not vote for the MB, so in the end YES there are people in Egypt and abroad who will cast their ballots for Gamal because there is no alternative!

    Mubarak has the blessing of DC and Wall Street as evidenced by Saad El Deen Ibrahim's endorsement!

  9. @Anon: I see you are actually that fool who shows up every now and then and throw pro-Gamal garbage. Why is it that the handful of pro-Gamals always deal with the issue as if its a football match and they are sticking it to supporters of the other team? Dnt you have any ounce of brain to realize who serious this issue is? Dnt you knw and hear where his policies have led us? Havent you followed any readers comments below news related to him, showing the true sentiments of the ppl and how they loath the idea of him taking over? Arent you one bit concerned about where that could lead us? our kids? What kind of values we are approving when someone who has only his relation to his father and the unfair bias of security to back him up as a potential president for one of the most important MENA countries and at one of the most sensitive times of the history of the region? What in your little brain makes him a good candidate? How he exploited his family name to become a hidden partner in almost every huge business installment in Egypt, along with his relatives? How he traded in Egyptian debts which wouldve been forgiven, and sold them to the bank he used to work for in the U.K.? How he exploited his family connection to jump into the highest seat in the NDP? How he befriended names that are now in jail and in some cases attempted to prevent them from facing proper legal implications of their crimes? How he makes sure never to get in touch with normal Egyptians w/o loads of security protection? How he turns a blind eye to the obvious staged meetings w the youth? How per his position in the NDP he is politically and probably legally responsible for the NDP plan based on forging elections? how his office uses his connections to have the account of an Egyptian blogger closed down just bec he published something that wasnt so flattering about him? How he makes empty promises? How he lacks any strategic thinking and believes the best way is to import wheat our main food staple? How he made if difficult for gov workers, factory workers, farmers and almost every single citizen while ministers chosen by him have wasted billions of dollars on silly expenses? This is a person who chose not to represent himself to us as a normal citizen but as someone who is above us. He sees us as his rightful inheritance, his words about democracy and freedom are empty as he never stood against security abuses to those having different views, he knows very well he is unwanted but he thinks or lead to think that he could make it and secure himself if he surrounds himself with his business men, who are really the cover for the family business and by corrupt security personnel. He's not the first to try this and he wont be the last to discover he is making his own end.

    Stop pushing ppl to their limits and be aware that young Egyptians are the ones mostly against him and angry because of his policies (yes, we all know he has been co-ruling for some years now and look at the country and the conditions his bright ideas has brought on the ppl). Any fool would know never to bet against the will of the angry young ones they have seen their parents loose every thing already and have a very bleak future in case he took over and they have nothing to loose going against him. If you love him so much you'd run to your masters who unleashed you on us and tell them its true he is unwanted and the ppl will have it their way, sooner or later they will. As for the World support, thats a big fat lie, his father is dubbed as a dictator and he is the groomed successor, he isnt respected and the West needs a stable Egypt and no way this man will bring stability.

  10. '@Anon: I see you are actually that fool who shows up every now and then and throw pro-Gamal garbage. '

    Wow I like how you start with such partisan language and foist the soccer match on me?!?!?!

    Ok firstly I'm not pro-Gamal! I am against the Gazafication of Egypt, the west knows that Baradei is a bridge the MB is using to achieve their ultimate goal and solution.

    You wrote a long-winded comment attacking Gamal and his father, yet you offer NO SOLUTION, just empty rhetoric about the youth and the 'official' western stance on Mubarak. Yet sophisticated circles in global politics already are aware that Gamal has received a wink and a nod from the west on his last visit to the US.

    Does El Baradei have a platform besides ANYONE BUT GAMAL???? The left and the youth have no plans/designs/platform as far as leading the nation into the 21ist century.

    Other than the NDP there is only one other party with a political, economic and social mission very able and capable of running the government but they are looking towards the 6th century and not the 21st!

    So I know just like the owner of this blog and many a comment left on it that it's 'cool' to hate on Gamal and his father, and to quote the innumerable and valid gaffes and mistakes committed by the ruling party (YES I AGREE WITH YOU.)

    But in the end I will reiterate something that Zeinobia loathes-- YES GAMAL IS THE ONLY ONE TO STAND AGAINST THE MB!


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