Egyptian Chronicles: Robert Fisk Remembers Hama Massacre And Sits With RIbal Al Assad

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Robert Fisk Remembers Hama Massacre And Sits With RIbal Al Assad

Robert Fisk sat down with Rifaat Al Assad’s son Ribal and spoke about the Al Assad dynasty and remembers the Hama massacre :Freedom, democracy and human rights in Syria - Robert Fisk, Commentators - The Independent
Damaged Hama in 1982
Strangely Fisk remembers the massacre nobody wants to remember  , the massacre that everybody is treating as if it did not happen , as if it were not one of the worst human rights war crimes in the 20th century in the Middle East !!? I do not know already how to categorize it ; is it an ethnic cleansing or genocide against the Sunni majority or what when I find out that Tlas and Khaddam are both Sunni !!??
That on going war between the Muslim brotherhood and Al Assad regime then because no political fight from any kind can justify the murder of more than 10,000 civilians.
I understand that Al Assad played it well when it put all the blame on his brother Rifaat who fought and killed his own people in order to avoid both international accountability and also blackmail but these silence and neglect are too much.
Ribal can defend his father as he wants and the current Al Assad regime can pretend it did not happen but one thing for sure , dear Syrian people remember it very well as people do not forget ; they just pretend to forget.
Again and again why the Syrians abroad do not sue Rifaat Al Assad in front of the British courts , he is worse than the Israeli war criminals who do not dare to kill or torture their own people for God sake.
If Al Assad brothers fought and battled the IDF on the 6th of October 1973 in the same way they killed their own people in Hama, the Golan would return in no time but what can you say !!?? The Golan heights will not return by the hands of the regime that caused it loss in the first place , the Golan heights will not return by the hands of the regime full of its own people blood !!
Do not forget tomorrow there will be protest in front of the Syrian embassy insh Allah
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  1. I used to check if this is really in Hama. I found that this was in Lebanon


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