Monday, June 24, 2013

Unjust village "Graphic+18"

I do not know what to say or what to write. Let´s start with facts. This afternoon in a small village in Giza called Abu Muslam a mob of angry locals , 3000 attacked the houses of the Shiites killing not less than 4 and injuring dozens. Not less than 5 houses owned by other Egyptians who happened to be Shiites were also torched. 
Today was the 15th night of Shabaan ,a holy night for all Muslims and one of the most famous Egyptian Shiite sheiks Hassan Shehata was visiting one of the families there. As soon as Shehata was known to be there the angry mob attacked the house he was staying at throwing Molotov cocktails and then attacking th house itself. 
The house when the mob showed up
Shehata was stabbed and killed as well dragged in the streets. 
Shehata was accused by Sunni clerics in Egypt of spreading Shiism in Egypt. They
According to the villagers who did not hide their pride with what they did in front of the media they prevented those bad Shiites from debauchery and urfi marriage orgy !!!!!!
This is the true unjust village. Unjust village is the name of a novel I once read about Jerusalem after the trial of Jesus.
This is a simple thing to summarize things but it is more than that. People attacked the Shiites stabbed them and dragged them through the narrow the streets of the village in front of the police force that came late and yet did not stop the on going public lynching. Amazingly the police did not try to disperse that mob not with a singly tear gas bomb !! It could have saved lives.
The CSF was there but did not stop anything
One of the victims who were killed in front of police
By the way the locals dragged the bodies and threw to the CSF vehicles and policemen that piled the bodies with no respect at all. Here is our great police disrespecting the dead Egyptians as usual.

According to Hazem Barakat , the young citizen journalist who witnessed the whole affair what happened tonight was actually the result of incitement that started by the Salafist Sheikhs in the village from 3 weeks ago against the Shiites families. 
I am sorry I will not be able to show all the photos or videos taken by citizen journalist Hazem Barakat who broke the story to the whole world through twitter.I chose the least graphic. I apologized in advance and I warn you that it is graphic. 

There are 40 Shiite families in the small village according to Shiite activist Bahaa Anwar who holds president Morsi the responsibility of that attack after the huge sectarian incitement rhetoric used against Shiites  the Salafist and Jihadist sheiks in the Pro-Syria conference. Morsi , the president of all Egyptians including Egyptian Shiites was attending the conference and did not reject that sectarian talk. Well I am not surprised because the same language has been always used against the Christians and Shiites in Misr 25 , the official TV channel of the Muslim Brotherhood as well the other Salafist channels like Al Nas channel.
Tonight Al Nas Channel TV host justified the attack of the Shiite citizens including Hassan Shehata claiming that the famous Shiite cleric used to insult Prophet Mohamed's wife and so on !! I do not think Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" will approve what happened by all measures.
By the way Salafist Facebooks are bragging and even are claiming responsibility , here is screen capture below. "Life has become Salafist" is happy that Hassan Shehata and bunch of his friends were killed by their brothers "I do not see Salafists in the videos" who threw their bodies to the CSF !! 
A Salafist Facebook Page announces the operation !!
This is the worst and loudest sectarian incident involving Shiite in Egypt.


  1. Thanks again for sharing the news. Its sad and scary.
    All I can say the mob , has gone crazy..maganeen.

  2. This is the most despicable lynching event in modern time. It is more gruesome than capturing Ghadafi. This time it happened in the middle of small village, witnessed by hundreds capturing photos with security forces in close proximity. No none can stop the mob, who was incited and charged by a local cleric. Now the event is in front of all world to see. Barbarism in the 21st century.

    I wonder what it will take Egypt to erase this image!

  3. May Allah (sw) accept the martyrdom of Sheikh Hasan Shehata and his friends. I hope the blood of these martyrs of Islam awakens the whole egyptian Ummah and all muslims around the world. The Jews and Whabbi Salafist are united with the devil to destroy the riligion of Islam, the religion of Mercy and Compassion. O'Muslims wake up and protect the religion of Muhammad(saww) blessings on him and his family.

    1. No need to call upon the Muslim Umma to wake up. These despicable acts of barbarism are committed by Egyptians and only by Egyptians. So: Direct your wake-up call to the Egyptians.
      ... and stop that rubbish, blaming the Jews. No Jews are involved - only fanatic Muslims.

    2. Jews have long history with Wahabisim and Al-Souod, Wahabism is the root for the barbaric Taliban and Salafi groups.

      Jews, Wahabism, and other fanatic people are waging a war against everything that's beautiful in this world.

      Jews are supporting Salafi groups in destroying Syria for the last two years.

      I call upon sincere Muslims to unite for the sake of saving humanity from fanaticism and evil that's being perpetrated by the Jews, Wahabis, and other fanatic people.

    3. If you want to live in your own imagined ridiculous history, nobody is going to stop you.

      We have to live now and we have to build a future. The problem are the Muslims of Egypt. They are known to burn churches and to kill Christians. Now they are killing each other and all in the name of Allah almighty. It is just disgusting to listen to all this whining and self-righteous pretense of being special. We have become the scum of mankind and nobody NOBODY does respect us. And this is thanks to the Muslims of Egypt who fail to tame their fanatics.

    4. If you don't understand history, I doubt you can build the future. Learning from history is key to building successful future.

      You are condemning all Muslims of Egypt for the crimes committed by some Muslims. But we Muslims don't condemn all Christians for crimes committed by the "christian" western governments (U.S, Britain, France, Germany, ..., and their beloved terrorist state Israel). There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims killed in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, ...

      Guess what, you might tell me we Muslims deserve that. Well may be we are paying the price of not being strong enough to stop these colonial powers from messing with our countries.

      The crimes of the Jews and the Christian West against Muslims and humanity should make them more ashamed than those ignorant Salafis.

      Don't forget that Jews and the Christian west were behind World wars I & II that took the lives of tens of millions of people, Korean war, Vietnam, ...

    5. Ahavat Eretz Israel6/25/2013 09:17:00 AM

      " There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims killed in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, ... " yes and that was done to fight terrorists and criminals in order to defend freedom and democracy. It was not done to fight Islam nor was it done in the name of God.

      Muslims in Egypt are killing in the name of Islam and that is their crime, because they are abusing their own religion. If you try to belittle the issue by saying "just some Muslims did that, but the majority is peaceful and innocent" then I object. The majority stands by and watches while Churches are burned again and again, while women are raped in public, while people are killed for their religion. That makes them as guilty as the actual killers.
      We have nothing to do with what happens in Egypt. It is Egyptians alone who are responsible for their affairs. AMEN!

    6. We are fed up with you Zionist Jews.

      Killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim civilians "... was done to fight terrorists and criminals in order to defend freedom and democracy". Which freedom and which democracy you Zionist Jews and your allies are trying to promote ? Which terrorists and criminals you are fighting, is it Bin Laden, Saddam, Wahabis, Quadafi, or the the Sheiks of the Golf and Saudi Arabia ? All of those are your best friends and allies. All of those puppets have been in very good relations with the terrorist state Israel and the "civilized" western governments, you've supported them and they've supported you publicly or undercover.

      Israelis have killed tens of thousands of Muslims in Palastine, Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt. You are still occupying Palestine, Golan Heights, and Shibaa Farms. You are still killing Palestinians and Lebanese. You've invaded and destroyed Lebanon and killed tens of thousands in 1982 and in 2006. Why? because few Israel soldiers or diplomats where killed or injured.

      Muslims, Christians have the right to resist your occupation and fight back and try to put an end to your terrorism and evil.

      The CIA supported Saddam and used him as a front to destroy and kill Muslims in the Islamic republic of Iran. You have used him for years to keep Iraqi people under utmost oppression, and you've given him chemical weapons to attack Iran and the Kurdish people. Finally, you have used him as a justification for sending American troops to Kuwait.

      The CIA created Bin Laden and used him in Sep 911 incidents to justify invading our countries and control our rich resources and to subdue the Islamic republic of Iran.

      CIA, Zionism, Naziism, Wahabism are many faces for the same fact "Devil".

      I know that hypocrits like you will try to twist the words and play on some stereo types that the hypocritical media created by Zionists and other colonial powers. But, the truth is evident and evil is evident.

    7. Ahavat Eretz Israel6/25/2013 11:42:00 PM

      You are just delusional and your imagination about CIA, an Israeli-Wahabi alliance and all is sooo ridiculous. However, I have one message left for you: Palestine, Golan Heights, and Shibaa Farms - this is all ours. We defeated the terrorists and we will keep what we did win. AMEN again!

  4. I hate Egypt! nasty country.

    1. You cannot judge an entire country by the acts of one group of people. No more so than judging all of America by drive by shootings, car jackings, murder rates, etc. I've been to Egypt many times, and it isn't a nasty country, quite the opposite in fact. These people and their actions are the exception, not the rule.

    2. But we have it all in Egypt: shootings, murder, car jacking, sexual harassment, cheating, corruption, nepotism, religious intolerance, terrorism and now even war mongering. We have become a lawless, nasty country. No surprise that the tourists don't want to come anymore.

    3. You are right...I would love to go to Egypt on a holiday but I am discouraged by what I read...also anyone I know who lives in Egypt tells me it is not a good time to come...

    4. I was the person who said I hate Egypt, I know it's wrong to hate the whole country. But look at the people, they are all participating... and they are happy they killed innocent people. I have never witness anything like this in my whole life. These people are monsters. I've lived in many bad neighborhoods filled with criminals,gangs, drug dealers, prostitutes, etc... I have never seen anything like this. I don't mind if they drop a Nuclear weapon on top of this village, They all deserve to die.

  5. haram aleikum ya ibna yazid

  6. Very sad stuff !! It happen if 1 group is dominated by other e.g if the area is sunni majority or shiat majority !! But still it is wrong and unacceptable.

    1. Anonymous. There is no excuse whatsoever for this atrocious act!! It's a massacre indeed ...
      Oh , what will happen in Egypt now?? It seems everything is completely beyond lost...all those who were watching without doing anything, all those who express their support for this massacre, the police and the killers have to be punished!! But I'm afraid, with a government like this that will not even happen .. Do we have a statement from Morsi yet???

  7. Zeinobia: this is shocking and for the reader who tells us it must be the despicable wahhabis or Israel I tell him/her give me a break

    There is so much hate spewed by some despicable sunni shiokh that is criminal inciting for violence and this hate is directed against the Copts and women and the sufis and the shi3a and it should stop by bringing to justice anyone who incites hate or violence because the stupid uneducated masses listen to this criminal nonsense and go out and kill

    How can any human being justify killing of another human being?

    This is why the despicable MB has to go and as I say ihna el-masriyeen mesh huma

  8. Zeinobia; I just wanted to add should we expect to hear from Morsi anything about this crime and what he plans to do about this hate propagated by those lazy and ignorant shiokh (the likes of the irhabi so called sheikh abd el-maged) and directed against the Copts and the Sufis and the Shi3a and women! I would not hold my breath and this is why he has to go

    I just wanted to take the chance and thank you for your wonderful work and I do not watch or read the likes of el-ahram or the mass media run by the government

  9. Such a shame for Egypt and all Egyptians. Seems Egypt is going to hell in a handbasket, after Mubarak was ousted. At least he kept rule in the country, as nasty as he could be, he still kept some semblance of peace within the millions who comprise the various enclaves, villages and communities. Who would have thought it could turn out so badly :(

  10. There is only one solution and that is certainly not Islam. We have to bid good riddance to all those who want to enforce religion on others. Ihwangees, Salafees LEAVE US ALONE! A3ouzu bi-lahi min ash-sheitan ar-rageem!

  11. I have hope that good Muslims and other good Egyptians shall prevail. Mursi and some of his fanatic supporters shall be forced to step down of power soon Insha'Allah. I wish Egypt the best because there are lots of good hearts and good will.

    Be patient and stead fast in standing against oppression and tyranny. But, be ware not to replace Mursi, by somebody that's worse than Mursi and (La) Mubarak (Amr Mousa is as bad if not worse).

    May Allah (sw) Hasten the appearance of Imam Mahdi[af] to fill the earth with peace and justice, as it was filled with oppression and tyranny.

    1. you wrote

      >May Allah (sw) Hasten the appearance of Imam Mahdi[af] to fill the earth with peace and justice,

      Go and tell the families of the victims of this atrocity that they have to wait for a so called Imam to arrive

      You know what? they will laugh at you

      Spare us this nonsense

  12. People say Mobarak was bad, look what happens under salafist religion now. salafism is pure evildestroying all muslim countries and muslim unity


    Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt

    This is what comes to you when you despise the wife of the Prophet Muhammad...

    1. Prophet Muhammad (saww) heart is bleeding because of all what's happening to the Muslim Ummah ...

      Prophet Muhammad (saww) was sent as a mercy for mankind, not as a curse. Those Salafis don't understand the basic foundation of Islam. No body appointed those ignorant Wahabis to defend Prophet Muhammad (saww) or the reputation of his wives.

      Prophet Muhammad (saww) was and still is the best example of humbleness and compassion for mankind. Don't use him as an excuse for you cruelty and ignorance.

    2. You wrote

      >YES YES YES

      Yes what?

      >Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt

      No ihna al-masriyeen mesh intum and as I say

      احنا المصريين مش انتم
      احنا اقباط ومسلمين
      وشيعة وصوفيين
      وحوالي 100 يهود مصريين
      اه وكفار وعلمانيين
      بس كلنا مصريين
      احنا المصريين مش انتم

      So if you do not like Egypt you can move and live among the despicable wahhabis and good riddance to you and to Arabian imperialism

      >This is what comes to you

      So are you inciting violence because the Shia do not agree with you about the "wife" of the prophet? A yes or no will do

      But you see you can sit with the Shia and understand why do they say what they say about the "wife" of the prophet in peace and understanding

      You see qatilu fi sabeel Allah does not make sense as we human beings can talk about our differences and not incite murder because of "insulting" a woman who died some 1400 years ago

      Do you see why your comments are ridiculous?

      > when you despise the wife of the Prophet Muhammad...

      People do not have to agree with you right? you call us kuffar wa 3ilmaniyeen but non of us would utter your vile remark right?

      But wait and a bit of falsafa Allah says that this life is about al-Qada' wa al-qadr right ya 3abqri? Then if one insults let us say the "wife' of the prophet it is because Allah planned it his way! So do you disagree with Allah you tell me?

    3. Another reader who is part of Allah's fan club

      >Prophet Muhammad (saww) heart is bleeding because of all what's happening to the Muslim Ummah ...

      How do you know? I'm just curious and where was Allah when he was needed to save these shi3a victims of this atrocity?

      The real tragedy is that there is too much religion in Egypt and total lack of care for victims of religious violence be it Shi3a or Copts


  14. Kingdom Foolish & Devils.
    Revolution of cretins

  15. Saudi Wahabis have polluted the airwaves the TV screens the streets and villages with their disgusting intolerant Talibani Al Qaeda madmen. Don't forget it was 19 Saudis who performed the murder of 2000+ on 9/11! all fed on Wahabi soup for dinner.
    Al Saud finances the cannibals in Syria and the mad sheikhs on Al Nas channel. Check see who owns Al Nas!!! We are caught in a triangle between US-Israel and Saudi devils who are currently destroying Syria our neighbour!! Al Saud and the Wahabi sick ideology MUST be brought down.
    The world is at war with Saudi Wahabi jihadists! not just Egypt


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