Sunday, June 23, 2013

#30June Palooza : Ghonim Tells #Morsi to Resign

Wael Ghonim has published a today a video message to President Morsi telling him to resign before the 30 June.

 I believe it is a very powerful balanced message from a person that once stood with Morsi in the Presidential elections.
You can read the Arabic text of the message here.


  1. Zeinobia: As a big time kafir I feel turned off by anyone who invokes the name of a God, as Wael did, when he is giving an opinion about a profane subject and that is politics

    it is time that Egyptians separate religion and politics and if Egyptians did not learn from this disaster called el-ikhwan then they will never learn

    Wael is and I'm sad to say a man of the past

  2. Reading Revolution 2.0 gives a detailed account of Wael's effort as a prime catalyst for the Egyptian revolution. No one can dispute his role, intelligence and dedication for his country.

    The western media tried heavily to tempt, absorb and reward Wael with the aim of influencing him. The irony when Egyptians, instead of embracing him and counter-ballance the foreign pressure, denounce him as a man of the past.

    It is easy to write someone off. The challenge for building Egypt requires unity and coordination for all who are able to give, starting with Wael.

    1. You wrote

      >It is easy to write someone off.

      No it is not but that does not mean that he did not do a good job back in 2011

      >The challenge for building Egypt requires unity and coordination for all who are able to give, starting with Wael.

      Once he invoked God it means that he has no clue that the sacred (religion) and the profane (politics) shall never be combined and this is indeed the disaster called the MB

      So why is he any different from el-ikhwan? you tell me

      Religion is a private matter and should not be part of the national and political discourse now do you get it?


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