Monday, June 24, 2013

Mosireen Interviews Hazem Barakat And People Began to React Somehow "Graphic +18"

Mosireen went to Abu Muslam and interviewed citizen journalist Hazem Barakat who witnessed the horrifying massacre of Shiites last yesterday.It has not been translated yet to Arabic.

It is extremely important.Hazem says that the police was there two hours before the people were killed and they did not nothing. This clip including new sad scene like how the women of village were also participating in the mob attacking cheering against the Shiites.
There are more shocking and graphic clips surfacing. The villagers turned in to monsters. It is as if they were demonic creatures attacking human beings. They are even happy and do not think that they did anything wrong.
Now below a video showing Hassan Shehata before his tragic death along his relatives shortly. He did not come with women like the villagers claim. 
Now below the video showing the attack on the same home. It is extremely graphic.

That cartoon made by Andeel summarizes the whole thing.
Do You like it dear God ?
 Here is a quick storify report with reactions in Egypt.

I want to say something Al Nour Party is trying to distance itself as I hinted on Storify. There are posters against Shia all over Egypt with the party´s logo.
Together Against Shia

In Aswan by Kristen Chick


  1. Zeinobia: and I'm going to be blunt: this is beyond shocking where is Morsi and where is amn al-dawla and where is the police? and what is wrong with being a Shi3a after all Allah says that he guides whom ever he wants and lead astray whom ever he wants then if the Shi3a are kuffar as we are told by el-ikhwangiyya and the stupid salafis then we can only blame Allah as he made them this way!

    Dear readers: do you see why religions are evil and that human beings can only get real justice in secular courts

    Oh Allah? There is no way that there can be an Allah that would allow such atrocity and to add insult to injury we are told that this life is about al-Qada' wa al-Qadr which means that if there is an Allah then he planned it this way which makes him evil so is Allah evil or he does not exist? I will leave this to you to think about

    And i do not seek guidance from the life a man who lived 1400 years ago!

    I would want to have nothing to do with this god or that man

    I tell my sisters and brothers that happen to be Shi3a I share your pain and ihna el-masriyeen mesh huma

  2. Can I have the URL of the facebook video showing the Shia Sheikh alive?

  3. Tragic, looks like Egyptians have turned into animals. Killing an old man that needs help and support to walk around?? RIP.

  4. Zeinobia: are you aware that the police arrested 8 suspects in this atrocity? I suspect that this must be as in the famous line in the movie "Casablanca" where the French officer tell his soldiers to: "Round up the usual suspects" and it is all BS

    Shame on the police and the legal system is Egypt and shame on Morsi and where on earth is the minster of Justice?

    The other issue is why would the police not go after those that incite violence and they can do that and it is done in the US and in Europe and it is a legal doctrine called "Vicarious liability" and it really means that if some crazy sheikh incites violence and people indeed go out and kill and then admit that they did kill because they heard such criminal inciting violence this sheikh can be found liable for such crime

  5. The people DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE need to be brought to justice to show the world that Egypt does not support such senseless violence and hatred.

  6. Is Mori going to act or not? They have video and can easily identify the perpetrators and killers. He can prove he is a leader sooner then later, but he MUST act now!

    1. Morsi and el-ikhwan do not care about the Shi3a they regard them as kuffar and the yahud and el-nasarra are ahead of them

      He is a despicable man and so are el-ikhwan and the sordid thing is one of their ikhwani shiokh said that those that go out on June 30 and if they go out on Saturday then they are joining the people of al-sabt (read this as the Jews) and if they go out on Sunday then they are joining the people of el-had (read this as Christians)! How disgusting

      Disgusting people


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