Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mohamed Maree Loses His Job because of blogging !!

Here is another Egyptian blogger to lose his job because of blogging and activism  !!Mohamed Maree is  blogger and activist who covers human rights issues in Egypt. Since the Mahalla clashes Maree has been very active in covering human rights issues in Egypt in his blog . Maree was working in a pharmaceutical company for two and half months when suddenly the administration of that company decided to terminate his contract because the company found out about he has got political activities and his views are against the Egyptian government !!

Do we have to blog anonymously in order to keep our jobs !!?

This is not the first time it happens , if you remember Fatmah last year lost her job , Karim Reda fought the ministry of oil to keep his job “and he won” and before them Ahmed El-Droubi in 2006 found himself fired after being arrested in the Judges protests!!

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  1. he needs to sue their asses. Its clear we all need to be very active in resorting to courts to face the non-democratic ways of this regime. Even if he doesnt go back to work its a precedent and cld help stir things for others or later on.


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