Friday, June 24, 2011

Where is Mubarak's name and Yacht !!??

Al Ahram portal published an alleged report from Newsweek's latest issue that Mubarak own the 3rd biggest Yacht in the world . Now we read the report in Al Ahram portal , you will know immediately that there is something wrong because you will find that the report says Mubarak's Yacht is actually owned by the navy but he was using.  I hate to say it but Mubarak did not use Al Horriya Yacht aka Al Mahrousa "The protected one" as far as I know , it is owned and used by the Egyptian navy.
Al Horriya Yacht 
Here is the original report from the Daily Beast "following Newsweek" and here is Al Horriya's entry as the 5th biggest yacht in the world  not the 3rd as Al Ahram portal claimed. There is nothing about Mubarak from  near or far in the report !!

The entry of Horreya
"Daily beast'
This is unprofessional and unneeded because it shows that the Egyptian press is fabricating lies.
Now regarding Al Horriya , well it is for sure the Egyptian navy's treasure. It was the first yacht or ship to cross the Suez canal. The irony of history is that both Khedive Ismail and his grandson King Farouk of Egypt and Sudan had their last trip to exile on Al Mahrousa.
King Farouk visiting Al Mahrousa
The report of Al Ahram reminds with that famous email showing Abdeen Palace as the residential palace where Mubarak used to stay !!!
Late President Sadat and King Faisal on the
board of Al Horriya 
Instead of speaking about Al Horriya why no one is speaking about the yachts Alaa and Gamal Mubarak allegedly have got as presents from the royal families of Gulf !!?
Anyhow I am glad the 5th biggest Yacht in the world is owned by the Egyptian State when all other yachts are owned by individuals.
Now here are some video clips showing Al Horriya or as it is known in our history better as Mahrousa. The first video is an amazing treasure from 1926. Oh yes year 1926 a silent newsreel in French showing the inauguration of Port Fouad city by King Fouad I.
 King Fouad I came by train in Ismailiya and then went to Lake Timsah to take the Mahrousa Yacht to Port Said. The footage is more than amazing.
The last trip of King Farouk on the Mahrousa was more than sad , truly sad. It was to exile.
Here is a video from the newsreel showing the visit of president Mohamed Naguib in 1953 after the declaration of republic. The presidential visit to Alexandria including a visit to Al Mahrousa Yacht.


  1. Hello, A very insightful post. Thanks for the info. Its great that if our default settings are giving us messy or stringy builds, this dialog can probably help.Thanks for the information.

    1. I have the Standing Orders to HHY Mahrousa. The bnook indicates some valuable history. Make contact if interested

  2. Mubarak's yacht "Freedom"/Department of Defense. As Hosni Mubarak clings to CEDES! power in Cairo and the US figures out what to do with its Middle East

    تأجير يخوت في مصر


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