Friday, June 24, 2011

Syrian Revolution : A Day is not enough to blog about Syria "Graphic"

Today hundreds of Arab bloggers and tweeps are blogging and tweeting for dear Syria , today is the blog 4  Syria day and one day is actually not enough to blog about Syria or its brave and great revolution.
I think it has been more than 100 days after the first protests in Daraa and I think after all those days , after all those thousands killed , injured , detained and displaced we can say that insh Allah this can be the real end of El Assad's regime after more than 40 years in Syrian. In fact it could be the end of Baath regime as well.
Today is another Friday full of protesting through out Syria as usual. This Friday is the fall of legitimacy as the Syrian revolutionaries do not recognize El Assad as their president nor his government as their official government. I believe El Assad lost legitimacy with the fall of the first martyr in Syria.
Now before I speak about today's protests , we should quickly check yesterday's general Strike held in Syria by the opposition. Based on what I have seen from videos from different cities , this could by far the most successful general strike held in the country since the start of the revolution.
That video clip above was shot at 10 AM in one of cities in Idlib governorate. Several cities had a general strike one demand : The army has to leave Idlib immediately. All shops , companies and markets closed their doors.

This clip was shot in Hama where the city had a successful general strike.
Another scene from the general strike in Syria.
Now moving to Homs , here are the major markets and streets in the city.

To Reef Dimshaq
Here was Doma
And here was Harasta
Now today there have been protests since the Friday prayer.
From Homs
From Zabadani in Reef Dimshaq
From Latakia as well.
From Idlib
As usual the security forces attacked and killed the protesters.
 Here are videos showing the injured and martyrs of Bazara in Damascus.

Here is martyr from Homs ,late Walid Khalif who was shot in his head :( extremely graphic

There are protests outside Syria in solidarity with the Syrian revolution. Today there was a protest outside Syrian embassy in Cairo where many Egyptians and Syrians protested against El Assad and his regime. Unfortunately I could not cover this protest. Anyhow I am currently uploading my tale of two protests in video.
You must know that the Syrian embassy hired some Ultras members and gave them some money to create some noise in the fiesta they were having last Tuesday.You must know all the people in that fiesta attacked Amr Moussa just like Walid El-Muallem accusing him of attacking Syrian regime only for  presidential campaign’s proposes.  “This makes me asks , if  Moussa is using this in his presidential campaign , then this must appeal to the Egyptian voters”
You must know that the Syrian embassy in London also is threatening the Syrian community there as well.
They are threatening their families back in Syria. According to a report published in The Times newspaper the Syrian embassy is targeting the Syrian expats in UK using social networks for activism through intimidating their families back home !! I am sure that this is taking place in Egypt and other countries as well. 
I have not received any confirmation or denial regarding Tal Mallohi , Tal for me is alive either ways as she is a living martyr like all the Syrian detainees.
 Now this is an old thing but I respect very much how much the Syrians named last Friday after Sheikh Saleh El-Ali , the famous Syrian leader who refused to have an independent state for Alawi sect. Of course his grandchildren condemned the move in front of the Syrian national TV. We understand why they had to do so.
This is a very strong message and it is not the first from its kind as there were Fridays dedicated to the Kurds and the Arab tribes as well.
I am against any attack against the Shiite sects in Syria or any other sect or ethnic because of El Assad. Yes there was some sort favourism yet the Syrians are keen not to be another Iraq. They preserved their country’s unity during the foreign occupation and insh Allah they will preserve their unity in their war of independence against El Assad and his gang.
The Shiite sect will be harmed because of El Assad regime and Iran.
I love that painting of Sheikh Saleh May Allah bless his soul so much , it is so so so beautiful

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