Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday Protests in Egypt : Martyrs , dwellers , Chicken and Mubarak sons as well

Today there were about 3 protests at Maspero , 1 protest at Tahrir , 1 protest at Syrian embassy , 1 protest at the Spanish embassy and 1  protest at Mustafa Mahmoud square in Giza and Cairo only as far as I know.
The ERTVU building witnessed three different acts of protests :
  1. The activists’ solidarity stand with dwellers of Madinat El Salam city sit in.
  2. The protest of martyrs’ families that turned in to a sit in. The families of the martyrs demand a real trial for those who killed their children. Insh Allah I will write more about it tomorrow.
  3. The poultry sellers’ protesters who are protesting the old law issued during the H1N1 breakout banning the sale of live poultry. It is the first protest for them since the revolution. They came to Maspero with trucks full of empty cages in reference to poultry , they cut the way for some time and the CSF trucks came along with military police. They have arrested abut 18 poultry sellers for cutting the way as far as I know.
At Tahrir square there was a protest as usual , the protest wanted judiciary to be cleaned from the Mubarak era traces.
There was a protest in solidarity with the Syrian people at the Syrian embassy while there was another protest in front of the Spanish embassy demanding Spain to extradite Hussein Salem.
Of course nobody paid attention to the circus de Mubarak’s children that was taking place at Mustafa Mahmoud square in Mohendessin except very late , really late at night when they decided to have an open sit in and to cut the way in the heart of Mohendessin.Mubarak’s children do not want only to honor their father but they want him back from Sharm El Sheikh !!?
According to the news coming from there the Mubarak’s children are actually thugs are having fights with other people from the dwellers of Mohendessin as well as those who opposed them in opinion. The infamous “I am sorry President” Facebook page claims that there were 1000 Mubarak supporters at the square today !! There are reportedly fights with the military police and the police. Of course the admins of that provoking page claims that the thugs came from outer space and that the thugs attacked and injured some of the Mubarak supporters. They are accusing the “dirty” media of fabricating lies against them. Well I am afraid that I will take the side of media because eye witnesses told me things are not great in Mohendessin because of these hired supporters. I am sorry that I can’t be neutral in covering them. 
I will just show you couple of banners they made and are proud of.

Very civilized and polite !!
I do not know how the day will end at  Mustafa Mahmoud but I know that the people of Salam city and the families of martyrs are sleeping in the street for genuine rights.

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  1. very short,I think u need to write more details,as most of these informations and more already has been read by ppl on various sources


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