Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sue the British Ambassador Farid El Deeb !!

So Farid El Deeb is claiming that former/ousted president Mubarak only owns LE 6 million in Egyptian local banks and that he does not have any bank accounts abroad in his name despite the official statements from UK and Switzerland.

Now I dedicate this claim and this statement from the British ambassador in Cairo on TV that the British officials got initial information that Mubarak and his men may reach to £40 million in UK !!  Why does not El Deeb sue the British ambassador to Cairo !?

The statements of James Watt on Al Hayat TV

El-Deeb last week claimed that Mubarak’s health was getting worse as he struggled the complication of stomach cancer and that he asks the SCAF to summon his German doctor Markus Buechler in order to check him. Officially Buechler has not been summoned yet.

Of course I remember the report of the forensic experts assigned by the general prosecutor said that Mubarak did not suffer from cancer anymore.

Last thing people are speaking now about the SOS letter sent from Alaa and Gamal Mubarak to the Sultan of Oman. This alleged letter is originally published at UPI. It was published by veteran journalist Arnaud de Borchgrave and I do not know how he got it.The two comments on the letter are very interesting indeed.

Of course the SOS letter became online sensation with its Arabic translation. It made people more angry in Cairo, after all we were being called mob. 


  1. I didnthere him mention anything about money!!!

  2. Be careful with UPI. It has always carried outlandish stories and was set up by CIA asset
    Rev. Sung myung Moon leader of the Moonie cult.

  3. Excuse me i seem to míss the part he talks about mubaraks money

  4. Haha... the ambassador never said anything about "Mubarak's money".


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