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Happy New Hijri Year 1446: Let’s remember how early Muslims became refugees

Happy and blessed New Hijri Year 1446 to all Muslims in the world, especially to the Muslim refugees

I am seizing this opportunity to remind some people “especially in Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and Ethiopia” that we are celebrating how Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” and his companions, the early Muslims had become refugees seeking safety in Yathrib as well as Ethiopia from 14 centuries ago technically speaking.

Two little Sudanese refugees making it to Chad across the desert "AFP
Two little Sudanese refugees making it to Chad across the desert

The Muslim World has the biggest and oldest refugee crisis in the world with refugees from Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Yemen Afghanistan and Myanmar. Already some Muslim countries and governments caused this refugee crisis.

The Muslim World also has countries with political and financial capabilities to solve this crisis but unfortunately despite being about nearly 2 billion-people nation, we are as Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” said “numerous but weak”.

Almost all prophets in the Abrahamic faiths were refugees at one of point of their life starting with Abraham or Ibrahim “PUBH”.

I know we are having hard economic times, but the refugees did not impose or make wrong political and financial policies that caused the crisis, but it is easier to blame strangers.

Also, I know Europe owes a lot financially to South Mediterranean countries like Egypt and Tunisia for keeping the gate closed in the face of migrants, including refugees. These people would not have become refugees if it were not for wars supported and funded by Western war machines and corrupt regimes, also supported by Western companies.

Those multi-billion agreements signed with countries like Egypt won’t lift any burden if the West does not stop the true reasons creating the migrant and refugee crises.

Take Sudan as an example, according to the United Nations Refugees Agency “UNHCR”, there are 10,002,709 forcibly displaced Sudanese inside Sudan since the start of the war between the Emirati-backed Rapid Support Forces “RSF” and the Sudanese Armed Forces in April 2023.

The Sudanese refugee camp in Chad "AFP"
The Sudanese refugee camp in Chad "AFP"

There are currently 2,063,064 Sudanese refugees in Sudan’s neighbour countries above them Chad and Egypt.

The UN is warning a famine will hit the country soon.

All this could have been stopped if the World led by the West aka the Free World pressed the UAE to stop its support to the RSF or to threaten Chad; the main source of the RSF’s mercenary soldiers with sanctions if it does not stop sending militants to its neighbour countries.

Instead, the situation has been turning from bad to worse to worst in front of our eyes.

Anyhow, Happy New Hijri Year 1446! May it be a truly good year for everyone, especially for those seeking safety.


  1. Arabs are invaders from Arabia. They are indigenous to Arabia. Period. Free the hostages.

    1. Arab are indigenous to everywhere and always the victims. Jews are from nowhere and always in the wrong.


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