Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You know that there is a revolution in the country when GIS celebrates its anniversary in this way !!

For the first time in 58 years , the Egyptian General Intelligence aka GIS decided to celebrate its anniversary publicly by producing and airing a documentary about its history called "Nation's word" !!
"Nation's word" coming soon billboard !!
By Sarah Naguib 
That documentary will be aired on several TV channels including Egyptian National TV today tonight @7 PM CLT.
What is unique is that the GIS launched an advertising campaign for the documentary whether in TV ads or in billboards in Cairo streets !!!!
I remember in the intelligence's jubilee , we got this op-ed without writer's name in Al Akhbar newspaper along with Omar Sulieman's photo only !!
The documentary focus of course on the famous and successful operations of GIS like Rafaat El Hagan and Gomaa Al Shawn , May Allah bless their souls.
Now before Egyptian viewers would watch this documentary, you can see it here on Egyptian Chronicles. "Thanks to Youm 7".

Amazingly the documentary focus on identifying Israel and the States as enemies despite the very good relations of GIS with Israel and the States. Already historically the CIA helped founding the GIS.Already for radical zionists this film is an evidence on how anti-Semitic the Egyptian intelligence is.  
Not from artistic and technical point of view , this decumentary is a disgrace for the intelligence and Egyptian documentary school that produced directors like Farida Erman and Samiha El Ghominay !!
Bad editing , bad music and bad narrator who speaks as we were in war !! Bad production that does not suit the GIS for real considering that standard !!
Samiha El Ghonimay's documentary series about the Royal/Presidential Palaces were much more professional than this cheap thing !!
Of course one of the few things or actually the only thing I knew from that documentary that the intelligence got a museum inside it with all the spy gadgets they got !!
This documentary is actually a stupid way on how to mention the history of GIS since 1954 to the #Jan25 in
There was nothing about these guys and their role in the intelligence at all, only Nasser and Sadat are mentioned , thank Goodness Mubarak was not mentioned !!
The founding fathers of GIS including Sami Sharaf
and Mohamed Nassim in 1950s 
The documentary has not even mentioned Zakariah Mohi El Din and how he founded the GIS in 1954 or why or the help of the Americans !! It was timeless quick ride with names of spies and incidents most Egyptians ignore !!! Not to mention for those who follow the files of the GIS , these are the most famous well known cases !!
Nevertheless knowing Egypt well, I know that for simple Egyptians this documentary is great. 
I read and know about the history of intelligence to make me not to fall either in the complete romanticism heroic world of GIS or its complete hate. The intelligence just like the army and police got its ups and downs and its main role should be to protect the Nation. After 16 years of being managed by Omar Sulieman , I have to be worried on the GIS especially with the allegations that face it when it comes to rendition scandal worldwide.
The GIS is under fire now for the role it has been playing in the past 16 months in the activists communities as some accuse it for working against the revolution.
There is no wonder that the GIS is launching this campaign to enhance its image in the society now despite the army and intelligence are still popular among most Egyptians. Of course the young educated generations do not have this romantic image about GIS. 
Regardless of the GIS performance in the past 16 months or even in the 16 years of Omar Sulieman , I would like to remember in this post all the martyrs of the GIS that gave their life to Egypt sincerely throughout the years without any public recognition. May Allah bless their souls and I hope that their sacrifices won't be in vain for the sake of the country or the GIS. We need a strong GIS just we need a strong army.
Updated :
And The GIS has published in Ahram Arabic Gate its law 


  1. This documentary is pure propaganda Soviet era style.
    They forgot to mention that the GIS was an oppressive murderous organization conceived with the help of ex Nazi SS officers imported by Nasser in1952(
    They also forget get to mention the number to times the Mossad notified the GIS about plots and assassination plans against Sadat and Mubarak.
    Very Spooky !!

    1. "..GIS was an oppressive murderous organization.." compared to similar organizations in the region ( conducting assassinations and kidnapping operations all over the world ) , the GIS is considered to be a babysitting organization..
      ".. help of ex Nazi SS officers .." , we are talking about a secret service organization where you are allowed to use all the means and people to get what you want .!! By the way, the nuclear US program & the long range missile projects (which the US is relying for half a century now to milk the international community resources) were originally designed by the Nazis...


    2. Two negatives do not make a positive!
      Nasser used this organization to spy and prosecute his own people. Your comparison of evil with evil is evil.

    3. "..Nasser used this organization to spy and prosecute his own people.." :
      Though , i am Anti-Nasser but still looking for the few examples of secret service agencies ( Scandinavian states ) who really don't engage in spy assignments internally .. Back to the US example : Home land security is now engaging ( CIA - FBI - NSA ) internally - The British always complaining about the conflicts of MI-5 & MI-6 internally because their failure to coordinate...
      As for "Prosecute his own people" , would you kindly give examples ??!!

      Deepest regards ,

  2. I am very concerned about Egypt's safety and security given the mentality of GIS leaders inferred from this ridiculous video.

  3. I think the video title translates as "The word 'Nation'", implying that GIS (formerly knows as EGID, I don't know where did you get GIS) is teaching us the real meaning of the word.


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