Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1600 square kilometres in Sinai

And Egypt has officially denied the rumors spread in Israeli and Palestinian media that El-Sisi proposed a plan to Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen, the head of the Palestinian authority by which Egypt gives up 1600 square kilometres from Sinai to Palestinians especially the Palestinian refugees. The Palestinian authority also denied these rumors officially.

Now interestingly the source of that rumor was The Israeli army radio according to Jerusalem post  about the so-called El-Sisi's proposal and quoted Israeli officials who praised it as it were real.
I do not think that the Israeli officials are fool enough to believe that El-Sisi is going to propose Sinai or any part of it to the Palestinians and so I am amazed at how the Israeli media is covering the matter as if El-Sisi actually proposed it.

Of course the Egyptian state has not got the best record when it comes to honesty but there are red lines any Egyptian president knows not to cross. El-Sisi is not a fool to propose such a proposal except if he wants a revolution or coup.

The Israeli tweeps are actually attacking Egyptians on twitter just for saying that Egypt officially denied this.

Amazingly since the time of Mubarak we had this rumor with the same 1600 square kilometer. Here is a scan from Nationalist Weekly "Al Osboa" of Mostafa Bakry that goes back to year 2005 about that awful scenario Israel was trying to push and force allegedly on Egypt : To give 1600 square kilometres from Sinai to the Palestinians to solve the problem of Palestinians especially the refugees once and for all.

Egypt demands 1600 kilometres from Egypt 
That talk was repeated during Mohamed Morsi's rule and some claimed that the decision of SCAF to ban land ownership in Sinai had to with that plan. I remember I read that Qatar and Turkey were planning to buy also 1600 square kilometres and gave it to the Palestinians as a solution for once and all.

Of course just like the Pro-Military supporters in Egypt who said that Morsi was going to give a piece of Sinai also 1600 square kilometreĜ³ to the Palestinians in Gaza , the Pro-Morsi supporters claim that El-Sisi is going to give a piece of Sinai to the Palestinians in some irony.

My own explanation for the whole affair this time is that the Israeli government once again is trying to push it but once again the idea is rejected for the time being.

Now I have a question : Why do they speak only about 1600 square kilometres in Sinai ?? Yes why they are always 1600 square kilometres !? 

Anyhow Egypt officially denied the rumor along with the Palestinians whom they won't give up their historical rights in Palestine nor in the right of return.

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