Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day 2015 : What’s your mom’s name ?

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers in the Arab world celebrating it especially in Egypt.
An Egyptian peasant mother in one of the villages of Giza in 1950
By Rene Burri-Magnum Photos 
I like the fact that some news websites and some users on the social media began to ask this year the daring question that many men consider as an insult in our region : What is the name of your mother ? 
Many young Egyptians as well Arabs are participating in #MyMothersNameIs
Give your mom back to her name
This was part of UN Women campaign “in Egypt and I think it is great. Mom’s names are not insults. 
Several websites like DotMisr produced similar video clips about the same issue.
On that day I must remember the two men who decided to introduce the Mother’s Day not only in Egypt but also in the Arab Culture : Ali and Mostafa Amin
Mostafa and Ali Amin 
And of course the national anthem of Mother’s Day “Set El-Habayeb” by Syrian-Egyptian singer Fayza Ahmed.
Here is the original video clip produced in early 1960s for the song.
Set El-Habayeb by Fayza Ahmed
To all mothers in the Arab world : Happy Mother’s Day.


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    1. HAPPY mother's DAY to YOU too !!!
      Now STOP !!!

  2. In the 1960s, Egyptian women looked like regular people. They didn't feel compelled to dress like ninjas, or to swaddle themselves in baggy black garbage bags. What the hell happened to you !??!? Ladies of Egypt, rise up !!! You have the right to be beautiful !!! Don't let al-ikhwan or Hamdy youssef tell you what you can wear !!!

    1. You know that expression of "baggy black garbage bags" is racist as well sexist

  3. What can i say about the two Press GIANT twin brothers Mustapha & Ali AMIN..among all the GOOD they done to the Egyptian Press /Literature /Cinema & many many other charitable works on top, the Greatest was & will always STAY.. as long as there will be mothers coming and going in this life..they loved and respected their own Mom tremendously, and wanted to pass on such love into every Arab Mothers particularly and Arab women (whatever background or religion they endorse ) the dignity and respect ,and to mark it they put March 21 of every year on the Oriental calendar as MOMS especial day ..and when they came to Lebanon they continued their charitable devotions by making Lebanese public through AL ANWAR daily Newspaper readers to send Toys /kid s clothes/books for children to pass it on to the ORPHAN Lebanese children, even i my humble self participated by buying new toys.. actually i should not boast about it,but said it to show how ,even average ,individual as my self was influenced by their CALL to help the destitute?illuminate and warm hearts forever..and in every generation, I am proud to confirm the fact that i grew up and fed by their IDEAS (FIKRA)s in children s magazine SAMIR, then to Al Akhbar ,& Akhbar el Yom every Saturday ?? using my logic and not brainwashed of-course!! And in 1962 when they took over AL HILAL monthly magazine such as Reader s Digest in the U.S.,cover photo was about young twin sisters.., i saved my school pocket money to get it, as i was a freak of obtaining ever new magazine published ..even in my early a collectors item!! Even though Mr. Mustapha Amin wrongly accused and imprisoned late 1960s ..but all that never stopped him to love people..any colour or belief, such GREAT individuals are SCARCE now days,, may them both Rest in Peace AND BE ASSURED that each 21 March IS NOT ONLY Mothers day,,but also a remembrance day of such GIANT TWINS ,,that made Eastern women DIGNIFIED/RESPECTED and most of all... LOVED//// regards from London/I.Barsoumian /


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