Egyptian Chronicles: TV host Liliane Daoud deported to Lebanon !!! "Updated"

Monday, June 27, 2016

TV host Liliane Daoud deported to Lebanon !!! "Updated"

After hours of announcing that she ended her contract with ONTV on Tuesday, Lebanese-British TV Liliane Daoud host was arrested from her house in front of her little girl to be deported from Egypt.
Liliane was deported from Egypt later to Beirut where now she is staying with her family.

Earlier Monday , the famous TV host announced that she terminated her contract with ONTV.
Then later afternoon and according to her lawyer Zyad El-elaimy , 8 men claiming to be from the ministry of interior's Passports department  raided her house arresting her.
They did not let her contact anyone.
They forced her to leave with them in order to be deported.
Daoud had to leave her girl at her house where she was taken somewhere
It was unclear where or why she is detained for hours.

At nearly 11 PM Cairo local Time , El-eliamy who is also a renowned political activist and former MP announced that Liliane Daoud called him while she was on a board of a plane heading to Beirut !!
Aside from all the politics, Liliane is a mother of an Egyptian girl and has got a residence permit.
She is not a foreigner whose residence permit will expire as soon as she leaves her job in an Egyptian company !!!
At 1.30 AM Cairo Local Time, Liliane Daoud arrived  Beirut. Her pictures at the airport were released to the media. This is what she was wearing at her house when she was arrested.
Lilian Daoud
Liliane at Cairo international airport 
On Tuesday , Liliane reactivated her twitter account and spoke in a series of tweets about what happened to her in English and in Arabic. You can read them after the break.

Sources in General Prosecution told journalist Alwaleed Ismail that no arrest warrant had been issued for her.

On the other hand , unnamed informed sources told Ahram Arabic website that she would leave soon to Beirut because after ending her contract with ONTV , she had nothing to stay for in Egypt !!!
Those sources ignore the fact that she is the mother of an Egyptian child !!
According to Egyptian laws , she has the right for a residence permit as a mother of an Egyptian Child. 
Also , it turned out that Liliane is a property owner according to her interview with BBC Arabic service. This also gives her the right to have a residence permit.
Interestingly, it turned out that Liliane tried to renew her residence permit for a year and for unknown reason the ministry of interior did not renew it !!

Liliane, a Lebanese-British veteran BBC TV host and broadcast journalist came and settled down in Egypt since 2011.
She used to work in private-owned TV channel "ONTV" since June 2011.
Liliane Daoud
Liliane Daoud 
After July 2013 and the absence of Reem Magued and then the departure of Yosri Fouad from ONTV and departure of Mahmoud Saad from Al-Nahar TV , Liliane Daoud's show "The complete picture" was from the very few shows " You can count them on your hand and probably they were less than 5 !!" that gave opposition figures and activists an opportunity to speak on air.

Here is an interview she made and popped out in my head when I read her arrest news : An interview with Street Children troupe. 

5 members of the street art performance troupe are now referred to State security prosecution for a number of charges !!

Daoud was constantly under attack thanks to the xenophobic Pro-regime supporters who used to troll her online calling the authorities to kick her out of the country.
They are even trolling her ex-husband , journalist Khaled Al-Barry online now !!!
Earlier Monday, Liliane Daoud announced that she ended her contract with ONTV after 5 years of working in the famous Private Egyptian TV channel.

Liliane's name is now a top trending hashtag in Arabic. 

The decision of Liliane did not surprise me , many expected her to resign and to leave the TV channel after it was fully acquired by Pro-regime steel tycoon and new media mogul Ahmed Abu-Hashima.
Abu Hashima acquired the once Pro-revolution Liberal TV channel from its former owner Naguib Sawiris in May.
I am currently working on a long post about Abu-Hashima and his new media empire in Egypt.A little hint : Abu Hashima funds Future of homeland party, the close-to-presidency party. 

Now on twitter interestingly , I found Liliane Daoud's ex-husband Khaled sending those tweets to businessman Naguib Sawiris , the former owner of ONTV.

Liliane Daoud signed to end her ONTV contract today. After signing the contract by half an hour , the Police came and deported her.

Shame !! When you sign a contract with someone and that he or she transfers her/his life here for 5 years and then you plot against him. She did not have time to take anything with her except her wallet !!  


  1. The Egyptian administration is nominated for Nobel prize in diversion and distraction. Metrojet Flight 9268. Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. EgyptAir Flight MS181. Giulio Regeni . EgyptAir flight 804 (don’t dream about decoding the flight data recorder). Hisham Geneina. Raid on press syndicate. Fire in El-Rewaiei. Tiran and Sanafir. Lilian Daoud.

    The worries of today will always be purged to leave space for the worries of tomorrow.

  2. Shame...shame

    Shame.. Now there is no TV program to watch and learn from about the truth in many issues in Egypt.
    She was real and honest journalist
    And TV host.
    Only yesterday I read that Yosry Fouad had to work outside Egypt in DW Arabic. ..
    What a waste.

  3. Any government or ideology which cannot handle criticism obviously cannot handle the truth. Most especially these vile man-created religions eg christian, Islam, etc.


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