Sunday, July 24, 2005

Blackmailing who exactly ?

The speech that President Mubarak said after his visit to Sharm El-Shekih , it is the first time as I recall that President Mubarak address the nation after a terrorist act like this , It stopped me the word Blackmail that was used in the speech

Who Blackmails Who ?

sorry My question seems dump but look closer to the incident and you find strange findings, Sorry the El-Qaida usual internet statement with the released video of Late Ehab El-Sherif about the domination of Jews over the Egyptian people !!!! Bla bla bla doesn't convince me at all , from the first look All people will say it is the Egyptian Tourism and Egyptian people ' I don't think so ,it is the direct excuse or it is from the first look '

I believe these Explosions were meant to deliver an encrypted message to President Mubarak himself saying We are capable of reaching you even in your secure second Capital Sharm El-Shekh ,people ,one of the blasts was on the gate Of Movenpick Jolie Vielle Hotel ,this hotel is the center for all summits and V.I.P meeting even after the four seasons hotel opening ,also the timing the NDP could announce his candidate for presidency yesterday . With wonderful surprise ,it is the president himself

But A question marks appears here and doesn't want to disappear until I got an answer for it ,and unfortunately I am not in the secret service or know anyone there , the Question : Who Wants to deliver this message? Who is really capable of doing such thing ? El-Qaida ,come on talk seriously after all

My thought is not shared but me only , many have the same thoughts in Cairo from experts to Journalists: Mr. Wael El-Abrashi in the Sout -ElOma 'The Voice of the Nation " weekly said the same thing

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