Friday, August 26, 2005

50% Labors and Peasants !!!!!!!!

President Mubarak in his presidential campaign promised the farmers and peasants that he won't cancel the famous 50% Labors and farmers 'peasants in the assembly and that he will stand against any one who wants to cancel it !!!!
for non Egyptian ,this is an invented chapter made by Nasser to win the Labors and Farmers to his side ,an illusion that fooled them with saying that half the members of the assembly must be labors and farmers as I understand ,you know the communist insense slogons!!!!" over the 40 years this law among with other stupid rotten laws destroyed our Parlimentic life in Egypt
first this stupid law ,a naive one ,see it as I see it
It is so general, a citizen can be labor in the morning in one of the factories and a farmer in the afternoon to look after his land or his family land and I guess this how it works in most governates in Egypt 'Egyptians correct me if I am wrong'
Now most the farmers and Labors joined the members of the Doom of the Assembly I am sorry to say don't understand anything in a political life except cheering for the National democratic members and boss !!!!!
In old times when we had a real good parliament Life ,that is before the glorious revolution of 1952 ,the country side was repesented by the big rich families ,educated one who cares for their counties not like what appears in silly movies 'For God Sake Even Mubarak mentioned what Abd Aziz Basha Fahmy did to his small village from educating the kids and so on'
Anyway back to Mubarak Speech boosting of his country side roots in Monofia ' I heard couple of provbes about it really so wise!!!!!!!"
Mubarak I am sorry is selling the illusion to Labors and Peasants ,those don't need representation in the Assembly more than a real simple digintiful life ,Doesn't he know that the poverty line most Farmers live under it !?
And where the hell is the 50% bloody representation when the incident of Sarnado happened?

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