Thursday, August 18, 2005

Jihan wins in Romance

Last night during the NDP show in Dream Channel ,they broadcasted a documentary about Mubarak's early life with different stages in his life' God he seemed so young when he reached the chair'and as it is a campaign on the American style ,the other half of the president ,the first lady spoke about their life ,how they met ,their love story if they had one :)
So Mrs Mubarak spoke how they met in a club where young Mubarak was wearing the military uniform 'as I got it', well going the club in Uniform ,and she like him ,young ,handsome'well he looked handsome in his past' ,and then mutual looks of admiration began ,and th arrows of love were there and then the wedding ,then to Russia with love leaving the young bride till he comes back 'it was silly that talk about 50 pounds budget and that fruit and meat from Belbis!!"
well I didn't feel with romance here .I think in all our presidential love stories ,Jihan El-Sadaat wins the first place , believe it or not I believe she really loved Anwar from the deep of her heart ,not because I like her husband but as a girl
Jihan wins in Romance ,then Tahia who was very devoted to her husband wearing black after his death till she joined him ,then Susan Mubarak

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