Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Leave Amr Khaled alone

I can't believe all this war against Amr Khaled and this hate until today I saw on Dream TV 2 in Tv show "on what they are asking !?" tonight, oh boy I thought that all the war of words from Youssef El-Karadawy against Khaled trip to Denmark was some kind of the same old-young conflict but tonight I released it is a jealousy from the popular preacher !!

Shekih Khaled Abd Allah {to say the truth I never knew his name except tonight ,I only know his face } opened the fire against Khaled that he crossed all the limits and described Khaled as Musylimah the Liar { Musylimah pretended to be a prophet in Arabia after the death of prophet Mohammed PBUH} !!

Not only Shakih Abd Allah but also Shekih Khaled El-Genndy ,whom I don't like , already it seemed that El-genndy had some sort of war between him and between Ahmed Abdoon the host of the show ,yet Abdoon made a great surprise something shocked all the people sitting the TV especailly Grandmother who called El-Genndy bad names , well it seems that Abdoon and El-Genndy were guests in Radio talk show which was about the virginity of Muslim girl before marriage and the sexual relations before marriage ,of course Islam prophibits these kind of relation ,yet the big surprise was When Shekih Khaled said it is not obligatory on the girl to be virgin physically ,but to a virgin emitionality !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to Abd allah , already he and El-Genndy are joining the attack on Khaled when Khaled said he was going to Denmark with a group of Muslims shekihs and clerics to make the West understand the reason of the Islamic anger on publishing the cartoons in Jylland-posten.The one who started this miss was Shekih Karadawy in Al-jazeera , the old muslim brotherhood member who lives in Qatar doesn't like the idea , I wonder what we should do then !? it is opportunity to explain our religion in the West ,boycotting is not enough , it will hurt Denmark for Sure but won't solve the whole problem ,because the problem was and still is there and it will be there, yet we should take the chance ,since than Karadawy and other old shekihs with new ones like El-Genndy and Abd Allah opened their fires on Khaled

Today Abdallah described Khaled as administrative who doesn't know anything in Religion ,dressed nicely and oh yes it turned out Khaled is the reason why the girls wearing veils stood on bridges with their lovers along the Nile Cronish!!!!!

People this is not Khaled Show only , yes he is in the lead , but look to the names accompanying him Dr.Abla El-Kahlowy, Yasmine El-Khayam , Tarek Sawydan ,the famous Kuwaiti preacher whom I think to be more fundementalist than Khaled, El-Habib El-gafri and above all the Mufti of the Egyptian lands Dr.Ali Gomaa.

I don't believe that those names are all under Khaled's charm and magic

Suddenly Khaled became the enemy of the Islamic state , people the man achieved something thousands of Shekihs didn't achieve .

In today's show I realised that jealousy is one of the reasons of the division of Muslim :(

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  1. You are unfortunately right. Jelousy has exposed the majority of our clerics to be absolute hypocrites. They envy Amr Khaled and the success he's had with today's youth and now they see it as their chance to get back at him. Its no wonder the west sees Islam as an "Evil Religion" when our clerics, who should be models of all that is good and moral, are backstabbing eachother when they should be working for the common good. How can they call themselves men of God when they display this total disregard for his wishes??!!

    Every time something like this happens, I despair of this country ever having a real future......Its really saddening.

  2. That post really shocked me, Zeinab. I didn't watch that show on Dream channel. But I've heard about the terrible meaningless views against Amr Khaled callng him all sort of names. Actually, I respect Amr Khaled so much. He decided to do the right thing and go tell those Danish ppl about Islam. What did the other preachers do, huh? Nothing but talk, talk, talk in vain.

    That's why as you say Muslims are behind. Jealousy and envy have a big hand in all that. It's hard to believe such Muslim preachers think like that. Pathetic.

    I agree with elmohandes as well.

  3. Zeinab,

    Your post came as a shock to me as well. But beyond the obvious jealousy and negativity this will bring to clerics and Islam, I see a silver lining.

    And that is, that this event will reveal who is sincerely serving Islam and working for the sake of Islam and Muslims through actions, versus those who simply talk (as daydreamer mentioned).

    The hope is that this also moves Muslims to realize that Amr Khaled is an intelligent, religious and practical modern man. And that modernity, dialogue, communication, are all encouraged by Islam. In other words, I hope people in Egypt and elsewhere see the difference between the Abdallah/Genndy type and Khaled's type.

    (Please post any future updates)

  4. I agree with all you said guys , already you know they didn't re-showed the eposide on thursday ,they re-showed another old one
    it was a scandal with all measures
    I believe this shows how we got great problems in the Muslim world
    The good thing is that Khalid made a whole generations thinking by his modern ,it is good for our future


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