Monday, July 31, 2006

Hezbullah turned to be the responsible of Qana 's massacres

Hezbullah is responsible for Qana

this is what Israel Ambassador to UN said today in the Security council , saying that the resistance group used the village to launch rockets from it , the same claim Ehud Olmart said today in the press conference and that the Rocket Launcher was beside the Hasham doomed House !!

Not to mention that Hezbullah used the civilians as shields which is 100% lie , for one good reason , Hezbullah is a very religious group which got very strict highly mannered code of conduct based upon the Islam so no way on this earth they would use the women or children or civilians in general as human shelters , I am sorry this is an Israeli code of conduct , old one too in 1967 while crossing the west bank which had a great resistance then from the PLO , the IDF used the Egyptian P.O.W as human Shields while transferring them to Atlia boot camp {Mr.Fouad Higazy's testimony} .

Now Yedioth Ahront got the syndromes from which the Egyptian press suffered from in 1967 defeat , you know lying on the public and misleading them

Read this article ,concerning the investigation the IDF is leading about Qana and the enigma they found

Why the building stayed all this time? first of all I don't recall that it stayed this long time from the witnesses from the village and the survivals themselves !! The is hinting that Hezbullah may be sorry is behind the destruction of the house themselves. I don't recall any time gap honestly

To the Israeli people since afternoon I was following the Qana village massacre in TV from all the Lebanese TVs whether with Hizbullah like New TV or Manar , Neutral like Al-jazeera or against like Future or LBC , all the survivals are praying for revenge from your troops and praying for Hizbullah's victory , we are Arabs ,emotional people those people won't lie

Oh boy I don't know what I am defending , anyway the film in the Ynet site can be fabricated easily

I am sorry but Qana 1996 Massacre there was no human shields in the UN shelter

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  1. Israel are masters of lies.

  2. Can't find a word to decribe these animals, walahi el animals a7san menhom

    gaaaah :(

  3. Nauseating!!! I am sick to my stomach, I am at a loss of words, it is beyond human comprehension.
    The pictures from the Qana massacre are impossible to view, they scar peoples souls for life! I wish I could do something besides crying.

    May God rest their souls in peace, they are martyrs...

    It becomes unbearable, this whole pro-"isreali" propaganda, the double standards, the biased media...

  4. @Yes they are ,and they are losing the war and that is why they use the lies to decieve their people

    @Eman ,animals don't kill for pleasure ,animals kill for survival only , they kill for pleasure , Lions don't ever eat or kill small animals ,they wait till they grow

    @Sarah I can't say more than u said , the pro-Israeli media is killing me but we can stop it by trying to expose the truth as much as we can


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