Friday, August 18, 2006

New Windows Live writer


By the Name of God

OK I am testing the new windows Live writer for blog posting , already I tried several Blog editors like Zoundry and Weblagger and also the new blogging feature in office 2007 word beta

I think this is much better than both word beta and weblagger despite being in beta phase , I believe it is same like Zoundry

I test several things here so this post may have no real meaning

First the links click here Windows Live Writer

Second images

Third fonts

Bla Bla Bla

There are other great features

We have plugins ,three wonderful ones like Flickr4Writer ,Tag4writer and Currently listening


One of the things I like here is the preview options with different styles whether in HTML or web layout or normal

Insh Allah I am going to test it with other services like Blogger.Wordpress and yahoo 360


  1. I was just wondering if you really write all those tags at the end of each post by hand, till I found a Firefix extension for this, however now I think I'll try Zoundry as it seems to be really helpful.

  2. No tarek I don't use firefox or put it by hands
    I am doing it through Zoundry , also WLW got a pluging for tagging great one :)

  3. Ok, waiting for you to make a brief comparison between both of them, however I normally don't like any software with the word "Windows" in its name.
    By the way, it's been a while not seen on :)

  4. intial comparsion , WLW is very advanced as a beta , it has some features Zoundry hasn't and vice versa
    well concerning the windows , well be ready because there will be a flood of windows live products on the way coming ,MS is going to answer back hard on google,already I am beta tester for windows Live
    do you know that the new blogger beta is a respond on the new windows live spaces !?
    windows live products already will be integrated with Vista
    insh Allah I will join Eg-bloggers tonight

  5. Yeah, the war between Google and Micro$oft is going to be an endless one. The blogger new software, have some of Windows Life features like Drag'n'Drop and some of the Wordpress features like Tagging and Categories. However I do not have great expectations for that updated blogger software. There is no booming features so far, at least that's what has been announced.
    You know what, I think that Windows Life is not worse if not better that Blogger, however it is the community that affect our choices sometimes, if you have a look at the bloggers at both sides - I don't know why - but you'll find that Windows Live users are mostly kids, having funky templates, freak letters, and all their posts their are about their pets, or poems. While thos at bloggers are much more mature. This may not be the case all the time, but this is how I feel, may be my natural dislike of Microsoft has something to do with that :)


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