Sunday, November 19, 2006

Farouk Hosni on 90 minutes

Just from minutes Farouk Hosni , the Egyptian Culture Minister finished his most controversial interview ever on TV in TV Show "90 minutes" {not the American one of course } .

As you know or you may not know Hosni, who every year must have problem with one mostly the intellectuals , made a controversial statements to Egyptian independent daily "El-Masry El-youm" where he expressed his hate to the Islamic veil , considered it as symbol of retardation and also he praised the beauty of the women's hair as a painter "very bad painter really"

He said that Statement on last Thursday , just before the official weekend in Egypt {Friday and Saturday} yet the anger against that statement didn't rest especially with his refusal to apologize

The Muslim brotherhood PMS asked him to apologize and resign

Of course they are asking for the impossible to occur as I don't recall that in those 25 years any minister resign

Look I hate Farouk Hosni , he is the worst Minister of Culture Egypt has ever had , really he sucks on all personal levels ,and I don't know why they insist , or rather president Mubarak insists on him

Hosni doesn't represent Egyptian culture but the Egyptian culture in a western perspective , not orientalism one , but the one that wants us to be western ,to erase our Egyptian Islamic identity

in his era , full ancient Egyptian temples were stolen, very ancient bibles were stolen and the list is so so long

Now Mr Hosni always like to have problems every year like Journalist Syad Ali from El-Ahram said , is insisting that Veil "Hijab" is a retardation and it is unneeded first it makes women suffer from heat , and she can't drive as he referred in the interview tonight

He said stupid stuff just like him

anyway Today in the interview while saying his nonsense ,I discovered very important thing in him

He is very very very nervous person that says nonsense when he got nothing to say to defend himself

really if you paid attention to his facial expressions , listen to his remarks, quiet remarks when someone calls from those he doesn't like "religious men and Journalists"

Did you listen to his comment when Siad Ali from El-Ahram "the guy who write this sarcastic column on page 2 every Saturday" ??

Did you listen carefully to what he said when he heard the name of "Siad Ali " ??

He Said the following :

Where are our people ??

well his people spoke

Hussein Fahmy , the actor who boldly and rudely described Veiled ladies as handicapped persons , I don't know but this is too much , I am sorry Mr Fahmy but you made couple of ads in the Gulf area for some Carpet shop "not even a factory like Oriental Weavers" ,the girl who was in front of you was wearing a veil as I recall , a veil according to the Gulf tradition , you know the black x black type !!

A handicap ?? strange description ,Mr Fahmy your movies never reached to the finale in Cannes nor the Oscars ,but the Iranian cinema with its veiled women stars reached

A handicap ?? with all those great women doctors, lawyers and employees,

Look I don't wear the veil but my mom , my aunts , my grand ma are wearing , so are the majority of Egyptian Muslim women and I am sorry my mom ,my aunts and even grand ma never had that veil as barrier between them and life , between them and the world ,on the contrary they live their live so easily , and they work and produce more than that stupid pretty actor

then we got Fathiha El-asla , this woman is strange a communist who usually curse Hosni day and night ,then praises him on air just because he is attacking the veil !!

Then Nabil Omar , so governmental hypocrite Egyptian journalist working in Daily Rosa with Bloggers' number enemy in Egypt Karam Gabr

Look Farouk Hosni will lose and I believe this can be the end for him , in the next ministerial change thank God he won't be there "just say inshallah"

You know why because the Egyptian regime , especially GM is not ready to lose the acceptance or silence of the Egyptian Muslim majority because of some stupid statement made by some ignorant . The MB is saying that this is a part of a campaign against the Veil started with the Naqab from the state

No this time and after watching that interview on air ,I am sure that Hosni acted solo not by orders at all

By the way I am waiting for Tuesday in Beit Batik with the grand Mufty of Egypt and what he will say on that personal preference and opinion of that minister

God damn him , really ,I hate this guy ,I got million reasons to hate him from his life to his pseudo achievements to his paintings and now I got million and one reasons to hate him even more

p.s Best thing in all this , that Hosni was the first governmental official that confessed the occurrence of sexual harassment Downtown despite the official denial !!


  1. @ Zenobia i think i like what you said. For me the viel thing is a matter of individual liberty. If a woman wants to put it on then, it's alright that's her own business.Nevertheless if woman wants to wear a bikini in the street that's her own business as well. And nobdy ever should ever call her a bitch.
    Besides, i like the viel as it is a symbol for the Arabic culture as well as belly dancing. However, i hate the black shit the iranians put on their stupid heads.P.s those hypocrtytical creatures take it off as soon as they leave iran. There is not a single vieled iranian woman in Europe, whilst the majority of Arab women are vieled

    And i hate the attack on viel as it is one of the symbols of the great Arab nation, though am sure it is not an islamic religous duty, rather it is more of a cultural issue .

    Anyways my mother wears a viel but only after she hit her sixties. i cant see a difference between her vieled or unvieled. My grandmother never wore a viel, though she was a very religous woman.

    i mentioned that previous example because i think that we shouldnt try to project our perconal or private believes on public affairs. In a different sense, whether my mother wears a viel or not should never affect my opinion about vieled women

  2. Dear ,this black thing comes from their culture more the religion just like in the Gulf ,not only the Iranians but the gulf ladies
    I believe it became cultural religious thing more , already don't forget Islam became in the culture itself but lately due to the attack on Islam from outside people returned back to the religion and thus to the veil

  3. I support Farouk Hosny in what he has said

  4. amet support him as you want ,it is free country but why you put charles Manson on your blog ??

  5. you said :

    " but lately due to the attack on Islam from outside people "

    it's OK those ( outside peeps ) finally got it ..

    now everybody knows that :

    when you attack Judaism .. you will eventually get bankrupted .

    when you attack Islam you will grant yourself a big chance of getting killed .

    and when you attack Christianity
    you will hit the jack pot , and earn yourself some easy money .

    so i guess they will think twice before making any more cartoons picturing Muhammed , instead they will go for ( Jesus drinking coke ) adds , ( Davinci's codes ) movies and ( the lost tomb of Jesus ) documentaries ...

    so i guess attacks on Islam is going severely down hill , leaving Islam with a terrible reputation .

    but this reputation will stay off the record ( for safety reasons )


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