Egyptian Chronicles: Did the Mahdi militia executed Saddam ??

Monday, January 1, 2007

Did the Mahdi militia executed Saddam ??

A question pumped to my head when I saw the second video of Saddam's execution ,the complete one

Here it is again,this time from my account in Youtube

The "Sadr" and "Muqtada" cheering around him , the guards were cheering ,saying before and after the execution the name of the famous Shiite cleric "Muqtada al-Sadr" ,the head of the "Mahdi army" militia ,one of the militia forces that contribute effectively in raising the civil war by their mini genocides

As far as I know the Iraqi government is independent from the Mahdi army despite their bias to the Shiite sect ,also I know there is a doubt that the some of the Iraqi Police forces are from the Mahdi army but it is too provoking when those cheer leaders around Saddam didn't cheer with the name of "Iraq" and said "Muqtada" instead, it makes me wonder about their loyalty !!!

Saddam didn't only hurt the Shiite ,he also hurt many people from all religions in Iraq ,in fact I understand now why he mocked when one of his guard said in a loud voice

"Muqtada ,Muqtada,Muqtada"

he mocked and said in a sarcastic tune

"Muqtada ,is that the manhood"

The government claims to be independent and not sectarian in a way or another so why there were those cheer leaders??

And why it was in Kazimain area in Baghdad ,why they insisted to make it more as a Shiite issue not an Iraqi issue ?? There was no Kurdish representative as far as I know despite all the crimes he did against them !!

Back to my doubts

I think those who really made the execution ,those guys hiding their faces from guards are the "Mahdi army" militia ,yes there were ministers and officials from the so-called Iraqi government but the executers were from the "Mahdi" ,already my doubt had grown more when I visited an Iraqi forum "Al-Iraqi News", of course I know that this Website represents the radical Sunni views , yet I found a post in a thread in their forum saying that the "Mahdi army" was the one who actually executed him !!

Already if I were not mistaken Bobby Gates visited Iraq from couple of weeks in a surprise early visit , so may be in attempt to win the "Mahdi army" to their side,the old enemy of U.S army he reached to that agreement

I don't know but in all ways the execution of Saddam will enrich more the Sectarian division with the "Muqtada" cheer leaders ,I think that leaked video reached out to the Internet in order to make things worst in Iraq , create more cracks and holes in the unity of Iraq between the Sunni and Shiite


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  1. Muqtada has a great influence in Baghdad, especially in the poor areas there. On the other hand, the Sunni scholars issued fatwas earlier asking Sunni people not to join the Iraqi police nor Army, and the result was the presence of many Mugtada's supporters in the Iraqi police especially in Baghdad where the execution took place.
    As I said earlier, most of those supported are from poor areas, and are not well educated at all, that's why they - with a great amount of stupidity - cheered with Muqtada's name.
    But at the end of the day, those are uneducated soldiers - I guess the police soldiers here are not even smarter - so their acts cannot be taken as an evident to sectarian or a biased government there.
    As many others say, Saddam's victims were from all sects, so his punishment is supposed to unite the Iraqis instead of creating more divisions among them.

  2. ..
    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe wept
    when Saddam was killed

    he wanted him pissed on
    being dragged through Baghdad

  3. @Tarek , this explains lot ,but still the video is making more trouble than ever ,check the forums ,any Arabic forum to know I am talking about ,those uneducated soldiers caused more trouble than ever

    @upspace,are you Iraqi ,coz the body dragging thing is more like a bad Iraqi habit ,also the mighty God universe doesn't need to wipe for such person !!??

  4. Zeinobia, can you please do me a favor and tell me that it is normal not to understand anything from what Mr. Uspace says.
    I found his comments on my blog, and I wasn't able to understand anything from it.
    I went to his blog, and guess what, same cryptic stuff.
    Am I getting dumber or something !?

  5. I used to have people like him in the msn spaces ,but the good thing in the MSN stuff that you don't like its mother company that you can report of an abuse and they really stop those people ,some of them even moved to myspace!!

  6. The first step is that we ahould admit we all need a PROFESSIONAL HELP!!!



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