Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The bribe of Peace


Dear Egypt famous e-journalist Wael Abbas who is currently in the United States had a little interview with Condi Rice’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Middle East Scott Carpenter for few minutes about the American aid which according to the annual report of the American aid organization Egypt took between years 2005 and 2006 in the midst of the so called Political reform one billion American dollar!!

The exact words in the report or the official American explanation for this huge money is “To support the Egyptian Regime “, Now what does this word “Support” mean?!

 If we go back in time to what between the years 2005 and 2006 political reforms mainly concerning the presidential elections, we don’t need to say that we didn’t join the democratic countries developed club and didn’t have an advance forward political reform, but we became from the top ten dictatorships in the world and had a backward political reform that is transforming the Egyptian republic in to again the Egyptian monarchy after more than 50 years of the July 1952 coup!!

Smart Abbas asked Carpenter few questions in Washington during his current training program in Slate magazine

These are the exact words of the INTERVIEW “With permission of Mr. Abbas”


Do you know where the American Aid goes to in Egypt??Do the Egyptians write to you reports about how they spend it??




Do you ask them how they spend it??




So on what basis you are giving the money of the American people to a dictator regime??


This is an old issue from the days of Camp David!!


So for 25 years you didn’t know that there was something wrong!!??


We are already reviewing the issue of the aid now


So you are giving the Egyptian regime a bribe to keep on the Peace condition with Israel!?

And here the roaster screamed the Scheherazade stopped talking sorry one of the assistants of Carpenter interfered to change the course of the interview.

You know this makes thing more clearer to me, because for 25 years Egypt took billions doing nothing by it, may be only the military aid was useful somehow despite I don’t like it, after all we fought bravely, returned back our land and defeated the enemy who was using the state of Art technology with old soviet weapons from 1967, not even the new ones the Syrians. Other than that I can’t see any significant change in Egypt thanks to the aid, except may be the swage system, seriously we are not like the Israelis how are using it wisely to improve their lives to build new settlements and kibitzes!!

The Egyptian Wise people know for sure that the American aid as soon as it is received by the Egyptian regime it will be transferred to the official banks secret accounts abroad or it is used to suppress freedom not to enforce it and the American officials know that very well, unfortunately this is not the money of the State department, this is the money of the American tax payers who need to know where their money is being spent, how, by whom and for what exactly.

I don’t want to appear like an idealistic but I think we don’t need this aid because we didn’t starve in its absence and we don’t have any benefit from it because already we the Egyptian people don’t take , we don’t have any benefit from worth mentioning

In fact some Egyptians believe it is un needed burden as when Something happens in Egypt that the people agree on like arresting bunch of gays, some senates like Hilary Clinton come in the congress and screams “Cut off the aid” as if it were some sort of punishment and that Egypt is going to die without ,well I know the only people who really be hurt from this severe punishment of cutting it off are not the Egyptian people but the people who really have benefit from it and it is not to hard to guess who !!

I wish that they cut off the aid, it will be for our benefit and before us the benefit of the American people, I mean the victims of the hurricane Katrina need this American aid more than us, already it is their American money paid by their tax payers to improve the American life from public services not as some sort of a salary paid annually to keep Egypt from drowning Israel!!

I swear we won’t tough Israel if we don’t get the aid.

According to my business study based upon the American education and American books I know that the United States of America is paying and paid lots of trillions for lots of countries around the world but Egypt, Israel and Pakistan have the biggest percentage from this huge money that if it is distributed,it will be distributed on 20 Poor African and Latin America countries to improve their living for 2 decades in advance , no need to say how these sum of money could have contributed to the disease and hunger fighting across the world

Ok my Angelina Jolie moments are over but I am saying forget about Egypt who is being stolen and robbed since the times of the pharaohs and till now its people are not starving and thus it is the richest country in history according to the mad man of Libya Al-Kaddafi “you have to take your wisdom from mad men according to the Arabic proverb” but what about Israel and Pakistan , the American people are paying for Israel since its existence from their tax money as if Israel were the 52 state and I don’t need to talk about Israel , but I will take about Pakistan , Pakistan began to receive an American aid from a short time after 9/11 as a reward for its huge help in the invasion of Afghanistan under the name of war on terrorism what they made from it !!

According to what I see Pakistan which was a very powerful democratic country was turned in to a huge military démodé dictatorship with a huge rise to the radical Islamic groups who are giving to Prevez great help by creating a boggy man to scare the west from “seems familiar technique, very familiar” and the rise of the myths culture and ignorance 

If you remember Pakistan had a huge earth quake from couple of years in the north, thousands were killed, villages and towns disappeared from the map, and with the money Prevez took he requested donations, of course in such disaster the more is the better but till now according the human rights organizations some people are sleeping in tents and tin houses “seems familiar too

We should not forget that both Egypt and Pakistan and we can include Israel too spend these aids to enforce their security by building more jails ,secret state of the Art torture jails , by giving their anti-riots the top notch equipments to suppress the opposition and enemies in case of Israel not to mention the money expenditure on spying devices !!

Ironically Egypt and Pakistan have sufficient resources that can make them for no need for an aid, but what can I say!! Their regimes are in a huge need for every penny for themselves!!


  1. need your feedback or opinion please

  2. Wael Abbas is a farting dog. He he publicly supports Iran and condemened the iraq and the ex Iraqi regime. Which only proves that he is very ignorant.Because it was very clear and obvious according to all sorts of measures(women rights, access to education, GNP growth, hi tech and technological development, military power) and internainal repiorts that Iraq was the only country in this region that was reallly developng and progressing.

    He is also a traitor and his roash head must be crushed with a dirty shoe.

    For regardless of how we Egyptians feel and think about the Egyptian regime, nothing can ever justify his meeting with Condi assissatants and discussing with them our internal affairs as if Egypt were some sort of a BANANA REPUBLIC

  3. @anonymous ,I don't understand what this blog is about I am afraid I am sorry

    @amr, wait a minute , he doesn't meet with Condi assissatant as some sort of a politican ,he met them as a journalist is there something wrong here about that ??
    Second he doesn't support Iran that much as you think if you follow him
    Another thing I condemen Iraq and the ex-Iraqi regime too
    third he is not a traitor ,you know we must stop accuse each other with treason if we have different opinions, that's if we want to be a real respectable democratic country

  4. Where does Mr. Abbas get the money to finance his extensive trips to Turkey, Lebanon, Mexico etc.? While I agree with many things he says but I urge you all to think a little bit and beware of "Kalamet Haqq Yorad beha Batel".


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