Egyptian Chronicles: I love you Ramsey

Monday, July 16, 2007

I love you Ramsey

I love Ramsey Clark , seriously ,I love this old man who despite his old age goes to the worst dictatorship countries to defend Justice,I don't know how this man was a member in the American administration as a secretary of Justice , surely he presents justice well now and that's why he came to Cairo to attack the Egyptian regime for the Muslim brotherhood members trial in front of the military court

I used to be angry from Ramsey for his role in Saddam but today well I love him and I also like Yvonne Ridley who came to Cairo too to observe the trial 

Ramsey wanted to attend the trial of the detained MB which was adjourned till next month yesterday but he could not as they did not let him in and he stayed for two hours in his car

in a short interview for the "Dostor" newspaper he said that he is going to represent a MB member who was rejected unjustly for the sake of the NDP in the Shura council elections

Ramsey and Yvonne came as I hinted along other activists like the from amnesty international to observe the trial of the MB members from business men and professors in front of the military court in a smart move from the MB to  expose the Egyptian regime in front of the international community

I forgot to tell you that there is nothing in today's newspapers about Ramsey and Yvonne , of course they consider Yvonne as a radical and Ramsey as an old who lost his mind !!

Anyhow Ramsey today made a great firing press conference Today in  that was transferred on air in one of the Al-Jazeera channels along with Yvonne who was outraged by the Egyptian regime , she used the word tyranny and injustice to describe the Egyptian regime

I really like the MB move , seriously speaking what happened to them is unfair , from random arrests to professors and businessmen who once Hosni Mubarak himself visited their factories and praised their role in the national economy just like "Khairat El-Shatar"

Of course the regime in Egypt now does not love Ramsey like I do , the only Ramsey they love is Ahmed Ramsey "famous actor hunk style in 1960s"

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  1. well. tell us more Zeinobia why you like the MB. You seems to feel sorry for them that is OK. I feel sorry for them too cuase they dont have political insight and just keep hitting the walls with their heads and when their heads bleed they consider that Jihad. I know you mean every single word you write, then tell us please why you LIKE the MB.
    If you did not discover why Ramsey came to Cairo to attend the trial then you are not Zeinobia that I know. DR SR, NY, 6.40pm

  2. Strangely I did not say that I like the MB in the post and yes I feel sorry ,sad and angry for them because they are civilians standing in front of military courts for charges they did not commit only because they belong to the MB
    Look I don't know what image is in your about the MB and certaintly it is not a good one noticing the Jihad word
    but if you already followed that particular case you know exactly why I am with them
    It is not about them more it is about what you defend
    Please do not fall to the government boggy man because no one now is buying it

    You can tell me why Ramsey is here , already as I said he is not alone , the amnnesty international is there and I think they defend other freedom and human rights cases in all around the world fairly t

  3. More strangely that you SAID that you like the MB movement " I really like the MB move , seriously speaking what happened to them is unfair " this is your own words in the second paragraph from the bottom. I got you in that Zeinobia.
    Ramsey, since he has been dumped disrespectfully out of the US cabinet ( fired) he is behaving like the Egyptian Quote " Khalef To3raf" to gain respect and popularity. Check up his political activities in the past 10 years

  4. Doc I said the MB move , not the MB movement and here I mean their move to call for international help
    like caling for amnesty internation , having international lawyers , believe me this can help , it helped in previous cases

    About Ramsey ,I don't care if he was pretending or not but I care that he stands with now against the regime giving it a headache , I read his biography by the way and I am impressed but what he did


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