Egyptian Chronicles: Baby Primary 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Baby Primary 2008

 Can I get my 5-month-old daughter photographed with every presidential candidate? - By Darren Garnick - Slate Magazine

The slate Magazine journalist Darren Garnick in New Hemisphere photographed his daughter Dahlia with most of the republican and democratic candidates in this round.

Dahlia is a 5 month baby who surely will not remember any of these moments when she grows up , but for sure she will be proud and happy that her father made her take this remarkable funny photos .

Here is a baby who acts innocently with the political candidates who love to take shots with the babies to show how human they are

from the photos I will say that Obama carries her well and he is good with babies , already he got two little girls

Also John Edwards carried her well

Her worst moments with Giuliani and McCain , Babies are angels and can feel humans do not they ??" click on the photo"

With Hilary , she got this scared look on her face ,it was so natural

Babies do not lie , she does not like Giuliani and McCain and is scared from Hilary

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  1. N. American Princess1/13/2008 03:07:00 AM

    This guy is hilarious and u r so best friend's baby and little kid did not like my lawyer when I was in Egypt...and he ended up being like these politicians..crooked. Children and babies sense the good from the bad for sure.

  2. @N.american princess, there is a common EGyptian whichs take your omen from your childre ,
    I hope that this crook lawyer did not steal you

  3. No alhamdulillah he did not steal me despite thinking that I was an idiot and a sucker because I was a foreigner and female of course. This lawyer thought all females were emotional and intellectually inferior to men because the religion said so. But I also ended up giving up and just leaving Egypt without knowing if there were properties I should own or not. I ran out of time and the inclination to deal with another possibly money hungry lawyer. Lawyers here are no more honest. I recently read an article in a national magazine about how lawyers here charge their clients for things like going to the dry cleaners to pick up suits they will use in court...crazy...makes u wonder if there is such thing as an honest lawyer...anywhere...

  4. thank Godness he did not steal because , lawyers can be very dangerous and mean and this is an international thing


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