Friday, March 7, 2008

Well you should not have invited her in the first place.

For the first time the Al-Jazeera apologized for what one of its guests had said in one of its show ; the Al-Jazeera with all its controversy it causes in Arab countries apologized for the first time.

Here is what happened :

The famous program  "The opposite direction " was discussing the Danish Cartoon Crisis on last Tuesday , the 5th of March 2008 ; the program is famous for its noisy loud provoking confrontation between its guests who are always screaming in a very silly way on air , last Tuesday they host two guests ,one representing the Islamic view "I do not know who was he" and one representing the opposite side "secular" , as part of its tradition , its secret of success and controversy , this program always host two different radical opposite poles , seriously Faisal Al-Kassam "the show Host" loves them radical.

The secular guest that welcomes the republishing of the provoking insulting Danish Cartoons was the infamous Wafaa Sultan. Wafaa Sultan is not only a secular but in fact she is ashiest and she is proud of that.

It seems that Dr. Sultan crossed all the lines in her attack on Islam, religions and the idea of God in general that the channel did not air the rewind in the next two days and did not publish the transcript of the episode on its official website as  it used to do on a weekly basis , already I did not see the episode and so when I went to read the transcript ,the only one I found was the episode of 26/02/2008, the week before .

You must know that this is not the first time Sultan appears on the Al-Jazeera Channel "it may be the last time" ,   in fact it was her second time and you will be surprised to know that her first time on Al-Jazeera was the reason why she became famous in the Arab world.

Sultan hates anything related to God and Islam , She is from the products of 9/11 , suddenly she became an expert in Middle East affairs , also appears in CNN and Fox to attack Muslims. She is originally from Syria , she claims that she lost her faith when the Syrian MB killed her professor in the Aleppo university in 1970s screaming "Allah Akbar!!" the incident that it seems no remembers it in Syria,even the Aleppo University that follows the Baath regime denies it , the Baath regime hates the Syrian MB !! Already historically in 1970s I know and many people know that the MB were thrown from balconies and tanks used to walk on their bodies , strangely this lady does not remember the infamous Hama massacre , oh may be because the thousands who were killed in it were Muslims !!!!

Look I think it is the mistake of AL Jazeera to host her in the first place , Wafaa's stupid ideas are well known to every now and her last appearance in the same program made it clear to the viewers that she is atheist that does not respect religion and Islam , so why bringing her in !!!??

To be honest with you  I do not care if they host her or not but what makes me angry is that the opposite guests against people like Wafaa Sultan are always from the radical Islamist groups , who know nothing except screaming with my all respect , I do not know why the channel insists on these kinds of guests , why can't they bring someone Dr.Salim El-Aowa  or Dr.Tarek Swidan or Amr Khaled or Fahamy Howaidy or even Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud , those guys will not refuse to confront an atheist publicly on the most view channel in the Arab world.

Some say that Al Jazeera should not have cancelled the broadcast of the episode because of freedom of expression and that it contradicts its motto "The opinion and the other opinion " ,others believe it did the right thing and this is how media and Journalism should react towards the religions and feelings of the viewers . I think that the infamous Charter for regulating Arab Media plays an important part here ,as from one of its articles an article about the insult and attack on religions , Al Jazeera may be did not want to be under the sword the of that charter ,at least for now

To tell you the truth I can't say whether Al Jazeera should have or have not cancelled the episode because I did not see it nor read the transcript , still from my past experience with Wafaa I say that she is so provoking . The conservative Arab world is not used to hear people like her to speak about its religions in this way.

If you want my honest opinion there were many episodes of opposite directions that should have cancelled just like Wafaa's episode in the same way


  1. sounds funny, why i missed that !!

  2. No it does not sound funny when you attack other people's religions boldly
    I missed too because I do not watch this noisy show except rarely

  3. I just don't get Al-Jazeera.

    Egyptian Identity is a topic I'm very interested in and Al-Jazeera put together a good documentary that they aired some time ago. It was in English and I didn't see it aired on the Arabic channel. That doesn't mean it wasn't.

    So they work on something with strong impact and then they air this kind of stuff.

  4. @Sam, Al Jazeera English is independent somehow in its shows and documentaries , they do not show them on the Arabic channel , but may be they show it on Aljazeera documentary , do you have it ???


  6. @anonymous , Islam and terrorism are not the same thing and Million Wafaa will not have any effect on Islam ,Islam was and will continue after her and she will just join the list of those who wasted their time in fighting it in vain


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