Saturday, July 26, 2008

Libya ; when Hannibal conquered Italy

Hannibal, the famous Carthaginian military commander was too close from conquering Rome in ancient times but he failed , I do not know why I remember him when I read the news coming from Libya.

The strange name of Hannibal made the headlines this weekend when Swiss police had detained for two day Hannibal Al Gaddafi; the son of Mommar Al Gaddafi and his wife. Hannibal “31 years old “ and his pregnant 81967714 wife “Aline” were accused by the staff of the hotel they were staying in at Geneva earlier this month of beating two servants of their entourage , a Moroccan man and a Tunisian lady.When interrogated by the Police the Moroccan and the Tunisian confirmed the attack and even showed the marks of the attack on their bodies. This is why the Swiss Police acted according to the law that does not differentiate between a prince or trump.

Of course it did not make Gaddafi and his family happy ,already it is worth saying that this is the first son of an Arab ruler that got arrested and spent two nights in jail abroad , yes there are several court orders against several rulers’ offspring but they are too late to catch the bastards who left the countries on their jets.

Since then Libya was too second from declaring the war against Switzerland and its police. Aisha Gaddafi warned the Swiss saying xin_36070106084836412271an eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth !!? Someone please tells the daddy’s girl that her brother was the one who started !! Where is the respect to the law Dr. Aisha ??

The threats did not stop here ,it was just getting started. The Swiss will be derived from the bless of the Libyan Oil if they do not drop the charges against the Libyan Hannibal !!

Hannibal is very interesting personality by the way just like his siblings, seriously the offspring of Gaddafi is as interesting as his father whether Aisha or Seif Al-Islam who once spoke about a business between him and The Mubaraks or Al-Saadi and his football mania.

This is not the first time that a European court accuse Hannibal of something violent. In February 2005 a French court sentenced him 52986928 for 4 months suspended jail for attacking his pregnant girl friend !! A history of violence and assault for sure. I do not know if the girl friend in Paris was his current wife Aline.

Hannibal lives in Copenhagen and do not ask why.

Anyhow some big happened in Libya , I think they intended to announce it now to cover over Hannibal’s international scandal.Seif Al-Islam Al Gaddafi announced that Italy would billions for Libya as 79707867 compensation for the occupation years !!??

To tell you the truth ,I do not know how , this is the first time I hear something like this. It is not bad on the contrary but I do not get how they force Italy to do this !!

Still I feel that they announce this now to cover Hannibal’s defeat in Switzerland.

Strangely Daddy Mommar is not in the spot light till now . Aisha is doing all the talking in the Swiss affair where as Saif Al Islam is the one who said the good news,where is Mommar ?? How could he miss that media circus??


  1. When mabus has died, you don't know who the tyrant is.

  2. not get how they force Italy to do this !!
    -it is no necessary to force, they are bunga bunga brothers.Unfortunately for us.


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