Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin’s first TV interview

This is the first Sarah Palin’s interview on TV after choosing her as a vice for McCain, it was not with the ladies of the views “It would be very feminine thing” nor it was with Charlie Rose “he already interviewed her last year” , of course Operah rejected to have Palin in her show at the first place , but it was with Charlie Gibson on ABC News.
Here is the are some excerpts of the interview.
Here are the first part , the second part , the third part and the fourth part of the interview in video from ABC.
Watch those videos or even read those  excerpts and you will know that we have enough from the GOP policies.
Update : From the Washington Post Palin links Iraq to Sept.11 !!


  1. You are so right. We had enough and enough is enough. Same shit we are listening to in the last 8 years.
    You know, the funny thing, none of the democrats mentioned the Islamic extremists as the GOP did.
    G W Bush told the GOP that “we should be on the offense all the time” “our nation is in dangers”
    The son of bitch still think that American people will believe him..

    Thank you Zeinoba

  2. No wonder she avoided being interviewed for so long, it seems like she had a lot of memorizing to do, studying for her first big test. Well, lucky for us, she failed and HOPEFULLY the American public saw her for what she is, a book burning, gun waving, drill for oil, war-mongering, creationist freak.

  3. Sarah Palin is a true product of dumbing down America through controlled media and manipulated education. She is just a mouth-piece broadcasting the talking points of her handlers & masters. It is both sad and frightening to see her come thus far, with a nightmare possibility of being actually elected.

  4. @لأغانى للرأفتــــانى
    the problem is that there are people who actually believe him and that scares me a lot

    @Shane , hopefully they will see her as we are , Bush is no different from her and here he is a president for 8 years :(

    @Zbuslpu,what is really scary beside began elected is that she can be the president :(


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