Monday, October 20, 2008

This is sexism

I don’t like the on going war in the American media against Sarah Palin as it is taking a new turn I think the democrats themselves will refuse it too because in the end it can turn against them.Yes Obama and his family have been under huge fire too still it did not reach to porn films !!

I have just read that there is a Porn film being shot now called “Nailing Paylin” where a Sarah Palin alike Porn actress is taking the leading role.I don’t have to go in to details about this film , you can see its photos in TMZ.

This is too much,seriously too much. I don’t think that Royale in France suffered in the same way and she was a candidate for Presidency itself not VP but again this is France /Europe where as that is the United States of America.The idea of having women in the President or Prime Minister position is not an old thing.

May be Hilary Clinton would have suffered in the same way if she had won the ticket of the democrats.Some people still can’t remove the fact that she is woman in the first place before being a politician and for them being a woman is a weakness point they can mock as they want !!’

It is too disgusting .

May be some people in the United States can’t still accept the idea of having a woman in the white house after just like the producers of that Porn film,after all their disgusting multi-million industry is based upon degrading women.

Of course The Republicans can use this to their sake to defend the Poor Palin after her abuse of power scandal in Alaska and I can’t blame them,it is a golden opportunity to win the sympathy of some women voters.

If you want to attack Palin then you use her policies and her views not her gender !!

There is huge difference between SNL and Hustler Magazine.


  1. larry flint at hustler has been entrenched in the political discourse for over 40 years. he's a smut peddler with political leanings and he will freely admit to that.

  2. that is shocking!! but i think palin's 'crime' was being an ATTRACTIVE woman,

  3. Sarah Palin is not just being attacked because she's a woman, she brought it to herself with her stupid, absurd remarks and her retarded ideology.. Just a comment...

  4. Zeinobia, thank you, it is the first time I have heard it called what it is about Palin on an Arab blog. No one mentioned Sarah Bernhardt's skit mentioning rape, the MILF jokes, the suggestively shot photos, the nasty t-shirts, news of men painting her naked makes the AP news wire, I mean, seriously. You are the only one. :)

    As loolt said, part of it is being attractive, the second wave of feminism doesn't like a strong woman who can enjoy beauty as well. This is the Hillary Clinton mold. The third wave of feminism doesn't like how she just doesn't fit ANY of their molds. It makes them angry and afraid, and they attack unmercilessly, their own gender, instead of celebrating what she has created.

    Anon, I happen to share quite a bit of her retarded ideology. Apart from the zionist leanings, I think most Muslims share her morality. Thank you for calling her remarks, rather than her personhood, stupid.

  5. 2nd anon wow you resurrected memories of that fiery australian imam, who happened to compare women to raw meat and men to they foisted rape on to themselves by being scantily clad.

  6. @anonymous ,I know about the history of Larry Flint and hustler ,also his famous lawsuit but this is not the way you debate or undermine your political opponent , I will not speaking about degrading the women because this what Larry is doing for 40 years
    I do not know but the one who will watch that film won't think about politics

    @lootl, is it now a crime to be attractive woman , should all the women who work in politics be unattractive so they would be taken seriously

    @anonymous#2, retarded comments and stupidity are not discussed in that way ,this is not the way in a civilized society to debate your opponent

    @Kinzi,you welcome dear , I hate that feminist view about the strong woman and beauty
    about morality , well I will not judge it because the republicans have got double personality ,well all the politicians have double personality

    @anonymous#3 I think anonymous#2 meant that that attack is not because she woman but because of her republican views still that it is not excuse

  7. Okay, i'm the same anonymous. Well I have to say first that i'm a staunch feminist. (So I am offended being likened to that Imam). Now with that cleared on, i have to say that i don't really support in anyway the porno made based on Palin's character, but I can't say that I would campaign against it. Media people in the US and Europe depict their politicians in various ways and No i don't think this is basically coming from her being a woman (I've seen worse for Bush and others) and yes it's rude but that's a different issue. My point is the harsh criticism for Palin is basically coming from her lack of experience, McCain's irrational (a bit malicious) choice of her as a VP (she totally can't do the job) and there are many republican women who could do it better than her. About the morality thing, I would like to question that because those republicans like to play the morality card to satisfy the conservative voters and they also play the nationalism card and they mostly think that criticism is being unpatriotic (see her debate with Biden). And finally NO I don't think she's a strong woman, i wonder actually what makes her a strong woman! She could be a good mom (though her teen daughter is pregnant) but sure not a good politician.. I just don't see how she could be labeled as a strong woman (based on many interviews and many reports about her)..
    And thanks for going through my long comment..


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