Thursday, October 23, 2008

To air or not to air

Many people are calling for airing the trial of Suzanne Tamim’s murder live on TV so the whole world would watch the trial of the year in Egypt.

Some people believe that it should be aired because this trial became a public opinion trial ,the public should know all the facts in that case including the hearing sessions.

Some people consider it like the trail of O.J Simpson or Michael Jackson despite the huge difference between between those trials and our trial , still our trial may not have the shocking race issue and the dirty Wacko issue but it has the whole trinity of money,power and sex.

Let’s be honest the victim is a beautiful singer ,the accused of murderers are a high connect NDP businessman tycoon and a former police officer who used to work in the State security. It is living film.

People believe that Hisham will use his influence to get away from the crime and so they want to watch the trial on air and thus the final rule of the judge will be judged by the people themselves. People do not trust the government or this regime.

Other people who are against the broadcasting thing say that people will make it harder by this way because if El-Sokary or Hisham or both of them were innocent ,they won’t be innocent in the eyes of the public anymore not to mention each hearing session people will believe the speaker whether the lawyers of the defendant or the prosecutors.

I do not know whether the government should air it or not to be honest

I fear that the regime will see this trial as an opportunity to divert the people’s attention from things that really matter like our economic situation for instance and the expected NDP conference full of surprises next month.

I also think that there were other important trials that should have been aired like for instance the Salam Ferry 98 and Hany Sorror case.

what do you think should the government air the trial and let the dirty laundry be on air or what ??

Would you watch this trial ?


  1. I would watch I guess because I am very intrigued to know what is going to happen. On one hand I do believe that power in Egypt has corrupted those in it and on the other hand I can not comprehend how anyone could do such a thing no matter how powerful they are.

  2. @Jessyz , I can't comprehend too but do not forget they do not acquire power in what I call legal or natural way ,they acquire it through corruption and that's why they abuse and reach to this result in a way or another
    To be honest I will watch the trial too

  3. Zeinobia, how true, this is how it is with ppl like that, when very rich they think they are above all others can do what they want, even murder, RIP beautiful Suzan


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