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Saturday, March 7, 2009

As an Egyptian I refuse this nomination

The Egyptian government has officially nominated the current  minister of Culture Farouk Hosni as the UNESCO director general. As an Egyptian citizen I totally refuse this nomination and I am totally against it. It does not represent me. I feel so sad and angry when I read that Farouk Hosni represents Egypt , this is an insult to Egypt and her Culture.

The Egyptian Culture was humiliated for 2 decades by the hands of this man. I do not need to speak about the corruption in the ministry but I will speak and say that it is enough in his time whole temples were stolen completely, our monuments from ancient times were being stolen from our museums and no body cared.

How many historical landmarks were destroyed or rather forgotten till they were destroyed in the past ten years ??

Shall I remind you with the Ban Sawif theatre fire and the people who were killed there ?? Shall I remind you with the the national theatre fire last year ???

I think it was from his responsibility as the minister of Culture to make sure each historical and cultural buildings are secured enough any against theft and fire. This is just the start.

Do not make him the hero of freedom of expression because his fights with the MB in the parliament !! He has been a member in a regime that fought freedom of expression,creativity,history and culture.

I do not know what to say more except for more than 20 years he has been a member in a dictatorship regime , I will repeat this point again

Among the important Points Mubarak is said to discuss with Obama in their expected coming meeting is that the American Support to Hosni, I wish that from the bottom of my heart that the United States won’t give Hosni the support he wants.

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  1. please don't say your monuments, you are an arab not an egyptian.
    and as an egyptian iam happy westerners take the monuments to keep it safe better than we wake up someday to find you destroyed the infidels stones to make Allah happy.

  2. The U.S. Government is opposing Farouk Hosni, but the Israeli government has withdrawn its opposition after a meeting between Netanyahu and Mubarak on May 13.


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