Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome Home Blue Star Crew

At last thank God the Blue Star Crew has returned back to Cairo after months in captivity , I am so happy for their safe return , I can’t imagine the fear they lived in for weeks and weeks.
Here is the photo of the Blue Star Captain “Mahmoud Swidam” in Kenya before leaving to Egypt.I can’t imagine the stress this man has suffered in that damned cruise !!
85414744 And the photos of the crew after arriving back to Cairo
The Crew of Blue Star r917594967
I am so happy for them and their families. I respect their families so much because they did not give up their rights and they reminded the government with their men over and over.I think we are going to hear from them very interesting and fearful life experience.
I wonder if this crew on this ship will take the red sea route again !!!
Now the Blue Star saga is over and every one is happy , I hate to be a party pooper but the Piracy problem is not over yet I am afraid,we can’t depend on foreign forces to protect the red sea ,when we are able to solve it ourselves !!
Not To Mention there is another missing ship called Badr I ,it has been a year since its sudden disappearance in the red sea and I am surprised why the newspapers and TV shows forgot it , its crew for God Sake has families that know nothing about their men up till now !! I wish that the families of the Badr I crew protest in the same way like the families of the Blue Star Crew did.
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