Egyptian Chronicles: The GPS ban is lifted in Egypt

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The GPS ban is lifted in Egypt

At last the GPS ban is lifted in Egypt thanks to a Presidential decree issued recently. NTRA has approved the use and import of GPS mobile phones and cars with GPS navigation system today. I am more than happy.

Some sources are speaking that Nokia used to its influence to get this presidential decree , it is unfair to customize the handset only for three countries in world “Egypt,Syria and North Korea” taken in consideration the use of mobile phones in Egypt is more advanced that those two countries.

What makes me wonder is that why the president has to interfere in such stuff , in fact why the GPS is considered a matter of national security and why the army objects the use of GPS despite all its bases are spotted by the satellites !!??

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  1. It's a crazy world we are living in, but I don't get one thing, how can a company like Nokia pull any strings?? like what did they give the gov't in order to have the ability to change some rules?? "newbie politics lover :) "

  2. Great, where's your source of news ?
    Anything official yet!


  4. its not Nokia dear.. thats absurd
    the stupid president's advisors throw such info to distract the public that its a decision to protect the egyptian foreign investment from big companies like Nokia in the awakening of the global economical crisis.. thats the link they bet on
    guess what1.. it does not work with an average intelligent Egyptian ...
    the facts only tells you enough of what is happening..
    and no one will have the guts to admitt it
    Ive been fighting for this citizen's use of GPS ban off for years..
    9 years now since 2000
    its pathetic how it finally got lifted
    a fancy BMW fleat with GPS on at the customs getting regected entry as usual, but now awaiting release ??
    guess who they belong to?;)

  5. No ,u tell me who please?
    do u think that the prisdent need's that?then u must be living some where else....pullshit,u hate the socity and u blame it for what u have becom,u have been fighting years for gps,oh and those bad guyes they wouldn't listen to u,oh dear,and they did it for 2 BMWs ,mmmm,weake MR net dish,and read a book or two,,,,that is all i have to say to u...wa alsallam 3alikom,ELSHAREEF


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