Egyptian Chronicles: I have not imagined one day that the day will come …

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have not imagined one day that the day will come …

and I would read something like this … Steve Posner: Why Are Israeli Spies Defending An Arab President?

If you look from the good side ,Egyptian people will disbelief the regime thanks to the Israeli support . In fact on the official side the Egyptian regime does not welcome this announced Israeli support because it knows very well its deadly effect on the public opinion in Egypt.

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  1. قلة من الوسائل الاعلامية المستقلة حتسلط الضوء علي الموضوع ده و الباقي حيعتم عليه

  2. Mubarak is a Secular open minded president, knows well what is the good for Egypt and what is not, knows well who is the real enemy and who is the real friend.
    long live Mubarak and his son after him.

  3. It's not like the Egyptian regime ever cared about the opinion of its people unfortunately!!


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