Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Much Publicity For Our Italian Friend

Our Egyptian official newspapers cheered today for the Mubarak-Berlusconi summit in Italy and they have ignored the fact that he is currently facing a huge sex scandal that can’t be ignored and yet they are happy and proud that Mubarak is Berlusconi is BBF in the Middle East !!??

Is not it shameful for the president of Egypt or even any President now to be associated in this way with an old pervert like Berlusconi !!?? Especially that his sex scandal may involve other Presidents too

Mubarak and Berlusconi-1

Already it is strange that the news coming from Milano was not about Mubarak’s desperate call to the rich countries but rather the escort tapes of Berlusconi. “ I believe before speaking to rich countries , Mubarak should apply his talk on the regime !!”

By the way here is the recording they are speaking about ; of course it is in Italian and it is in a very Poor quality.

Also to be honest couple of official magazines in Egypt have tackled the scandals of Berlusconi last week.

Mubarak and Berlusconi-2

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