Thursday, December 17, 2009

Waiting For WWIII

I found the trailer of Waiting for Armageddon in Apple trailers and I found the documentary which will be shown in Cinema starting from the 8th of January 2010 

The documentary is about Christian Zionist evangelists in the States and their believes about rapture and Armageddon.  Yes we have in our believes Armageddon as Muslims but I do not think we should seek it , let it come when it comes insh Allah after very long time.

Let’s hope that these guys do not reach the White house again because we do not need a WWIII


  1. Z but if you listened to jeremy scahill on NPR with Terry Gross (much better interview than the msnbc.) he goes into depth about the CEO of BlackWater's crusader mentality. and goes as far as to say that blackwater has become deeply entrenched in afghanistan under obama....

    so those wack jobs that refer to arabs as hajies and towelheads are still running the private war!

  2. Well,I would really like to thank you for this post ,I have been interested in Christian zionism for a while ,especially during the Bush administration and I was really amazed how ignorant are we (as Arabs or Muslims in general) regarding this issue...the good thing is most "people" out there do not believe in this nonsense (for example this video has 120 comments on youtube and the 120 are all negative) but the disaster is that some powerful people and also some decision makers (like the 2 Bushes and Reagan)do think in this way and it was once told that Reagan was really depressed upon the Collapse of the Soviet union as he did believed it was the empire of Evil Christianity would have to face in the end of history .
    Thanks again for the post and I hope that we would pay more attention to such topics instead of sleeping in the water of watermelon (this is a very slang egyptain expression if you see what I mean :D )

  3. Well bring it on, Zeinobia!

    At least we will then be ruled by the King of Light rather than these Zio Satan agents as now, with their wars and fires in the name of peace and good.

  4. @Pax, I read about the prince of blackwater's prince mentality before ,it shows you how those people can go too far with their beliefs , of course we have our own share from the opposite mentality

    @Captain LJ Sliver , you welcome by the way I once read that Reagan substituted the Soviets with Muslims , of course I am not sure from the accuracy of this information but this shows you the mentality

    @anonymous, well I believe we only have to wait then

  5. Captain, Regan had converted to Presbyterians who on their congress by overwhelming majority accepted "disinvestment from Israel" as a source of violence targeted "Zionist occupation" and refused any "Christian Zionism" at all. But I am not an expert on Regan's religious denomination.

    Z: Did he? What an insult to Soviets :)

  6. '"We believe that repeal of the resolution calling for ‘a process of phased selective divestment in multinational corporations operating in Israel’ is essential to the future of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and to the future of Presbyterian-Jewish interfaith relations."

    -- Press release, The Committee to End Divestment Now, March 19, 2006.

    President Reagan died June 5, 2004, i'm sure he would have weighed in on the opposite end of the spectrum.

    if you go to the heritage foundation '.org' they will give you his unfiltered opinion, president Reagan was a staunch ally of Israel.

  7. , president Reagan was a staunch ally of Israel.

    And which US President wasn't???!?

  8. Captain Silver speaks nonsense regarding the Bushes and Reagan. Why do we not talk about Ajad and the 13th Imam. There are crazies or naive believers in every part of the world.Far too many kill their own and perceived enemies in the name of Allah.A small number of Christians on the the other hand are just waiting for the end.They are not murderers of innocents. Iran is seeking nuclear weapons and its leader is not just waiting for the end of times he wants to make it happen. Big differences. Be honest with yourselves and as I have said before hate clouds vision.


  9. i think they will never leave the white house


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