Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alaa Mubarak Is Back

It was hard to imagine that this occasion of beating Algerian football national team in that way to pass without hearing from Alaa Mubarak. Well guess what Alaa Mubarak has spoken to on air sports shows again last Thursday. I did not catch him unfortunately because I was watching Al Jazeera Sports to hear the analysis of the match.

Alaa Mubarak spoke to Khalid Al-Ghandour again , it became a habit  I suppose; he started with him last time so it is logic to speak in his show again especially in this cheerful time.

It was  a busy night for him as he called again after few hours Medhat Shalbi on Modern sports and honestly I am surprised that he spoke to Shalbi. It seems that Alaa is insisting on proving that the people's man after all !!

It is noticeable that his tune is less tense against Algeria than last time,he is now controlling more his feelings.

Alaa said that he watched the match in his father's house aka the Presidential palace at Al-Oroba with the family including his son Omar. He revealed that every time our national time scored a goal , Mubarak would hug and kiss Omar. Alaa went after the match to celebrate with his son and his friend with the people at Korba street with the people. Some people reportedly took photos with him.

He has travelled with his brother to Angola to watch the final match tomorrow insh Allah and seriously I am scared but last time the pair went and we lost.

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