Sunday, March 14, 2010

When Abdullah Kamal Quotes Fisk

When Abdullah Kamal quotes Robert Fisk then this something that should be highlighted because Kamel can't stomach Fisk. Robert Fisk is not that overwhelmed With ElBaradei describing him as Hamid Karzai of Egypt which is unfair description by all measures. I do not understand why Fisk describes ElBaradei as Karzai seriously but I know that it is not a coincidence to find out that General Omar Soliman is suffering from heart disease !!
I do not know why Fisk did not mention this very interesting fact about Soliman when the whole west has nothing to speak about admirably except Soliman , the silent dangerous man from Upper Egypt !! Considering the responsibilities of Soliman , I am not surprised that he  is suffering from a heart disease after all he holds dangerous files besides being our silent minister of national security.
Now Soliman is sick , ElBaradei is Karzai who will rule us !!?? Well you can check Reuters factbox which pretty much summarized the theoretical candidates for the big post. I say theoretical because in reality  Ayman Nour, Ahmed Nazif, the Muslim brotherhood and those senior opposition parties members are not considered candidates for real.
The first 4 are the main players now regardless of what Fisk thinks of Karzai and how sick Soliman is : Gamal Mubarak or Omar Soliman or Mohamed ElBaradei or X who led a coup d'état. 
Regarding ElBaradei , I wonder if Fisk formed this opinion about him after watching his interviews especially the one with Mona El-Shazely. The comparison between Karzai and ElBaradei or any other American puppet in Iraq and Afghanistan is ridiculous.
I just do not like that look to the Egyptians that they are so weak and will surrender to the crown prince aka Gamal Mubarak , yes revolution and democracy may seem strange words in the land of the pharaohs but from time to time the Egyptians amaze the world with their political choices and you see that when they chose an Albanian man who became the founder of modern Egypt
Updated :
First of all please accept my apology for the terrible mistake I have done, I have not read what Robert Fisk actually wrote thoroughly as it should , I took the words of Kamal's as granted and I do not know how the hell I did this mistake to trust a man like him , I am really sorry for my dear readers .
Now after reading What Mr. Fisk had not actually called ElBaradei Karzaii , he said that the opponents of ElBaradei call hin Karzai and this is true. Still I feel Fisk is skeptical towards ElBaradei


  1. i am afraid you didn't read Fisk's article you just mentioned, as he never compared ElBarad3i with Karzai, all he said in the matter :
    "Some opposition politicians in Egypt believe that he did not do enough to prevent the US invasion of Iraq, accuse him of wanting to play Hamid Karzai in a new pro-American Egypt"
    that's clearly not in his behalf. and well, Kamal isn't someone we can blame for fraud.

  2. Yeah, saying that Fisk accused ElBaradi of being a new Karzai is taking Fisk's words completely out of context. I agree with khaled. Read the article Zeinobia.

  3. Above is the complete paragraph from Fisk's article about Baradei (the last sentence is crystal clear, Fisk doesn't agree with the Baradei/Karzai analogy).
    "Some opposition politicians in Egypt believe that he did not do enough to prevent the US invasion of Iraq, accuse him of wanting to play Hamid Karzai in a new pro-American Egypt, and even suggest that there should be a mock trial of the Nobel Prize winner for his failure to stop the American occupation of Iraq. Egyptian politics is an unkind sport."

  4. You constantly take rumours as facts and just blurt them out on your blog. You should stick with REAL stories and not fiction or silly rumours. You are no better than the gossiping Egyptian cab drivers. U silly, silly girl.


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