Sunday, April 4, 2010

Arresting Him For ElBaradei Book Was Much Better !!

Publisher Ahmed Mahna is still detained and the world is speaking about him despite the ministry of interior has not yet admitted why he was arrested for real. Already the ministry last night denied that he was detained from his house despite all other sources that say otherwise !!
Of course the fact that Kamal Gabriel , the author of ElBaradei’s book has not been detained or harassed added more fuel and more mystery to the incident especially this is not the first book praising ElBaradei in the market not to mention it has been on the shelves for a whole week !!
Some people say that Mahna has been arrested because his nephew or cousin is a member in some Islamist group !! Well I think the first charge is much better because arresting someone because his cousin or nephew’s political views is just sick and disgusting , more sick and disgusting  than arresting Mahna for publishing a book praising and supporting Mohamed ElBaradei !!
Anyhow in less than 48 hours the whole word is speaking about Mahna and his arrest for supporting Mohamed ElBaradei. ElBaradei himself has commented about the incident on twitter :
The detention of a publisher of a book about me and my ideas of reform shows a repressive regime afraid of its own shadow
Indeed all this shows a repressive regime afraid of its own shadow.
Update : 
  • Mahna has been released and he is currently at home. The ministry of interior has not yet declared why he was detained in the first place !!
  • The news has been declared in the National TV in "From the heart of Egypt" on Nile Life by the way.

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