Egyptian Chronicles: Dr. ElBaradei Addresses The Egyptian Christians

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dr. ElBaradei Addresses The Egyptian Christians

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has sent a video message I believe not to the only to the Egyptian Christians but to all Egyptians on the 5th of January before the Orthodox Church’s Christmas.

A message from Dr. ElBaradei– January 5th , 2010

Indeed many of our problems will be solved if there is a real change in our country  , democracy and justice will enforce the citizenship in Egypt more than any other thing.

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  1. Isn't true that under his watch Mr khan openly sold nukes, north Korea cemented its nuclear capability and Iran's "peaceful" nuclear complexes were established ie Elbaradei failed and now s Korea and greater asia are under threat illicit nuclear networks exist and a nuclear arms race may occur in ME due to this one man. Why support him ? he will fail you like he failed the world. A honest observation

  2. An honest observation based on very little knowledge.

    North Korea pulled out of the treaty so in legality the IAEA had no longer any jurisdiction over them. This happened due to the failed diplomacy of W. Bush you shouldn't blame IAEA. This is not a superpower entity, it's an organisation representing several countries.

    why is peaceful within quotes, do you have any evidence they are otherwise? Unless you just don't want that country to have any kind of nuclear facility even peaceful. According to the IAEA, Iran did nothing wrong.. even enriching radioactive elements does not contradict with IAEA biding laws, it's just that some countries prefer to see that enriching somewhere else to serve their interests or rather insecurity[incompliant with IAEA but they are superpowers so..]. to IAEA it was legal, you got a problem with that then you should blame west diplomacies failing to reach an agreement in this regard. It's not the responsibility of the IAEA to prevent enriching within the agreed amount or rate and they were allowed observers to monitor such activity. IAEA observers were doing their job perfectly fine when ElBaradei was in charge but it seems some were not happy to see IAEA doing its job without intervention, perhaps they need a pretence for another war?

  3. also Mr Khan is a citizen of a non-signatory country, the IAEA has no control over what he does or over his country..

    Hey, I just woke up this morning and realised I was out of coffee.. damn you Baradei!



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