Thursday, March 31, 2011

Libyan Revolution : The Kussa Day

last Wednesday was the Kussa Day in Libya , Qaddafi’s FM and former spy chief Mussa Kussa has defected in London in the biggest slap to Qaddafi politically. This is a very big blow to Qaddafi with no doubt. No one can ignore that Qaddafi has former Nicaraguan FM and former UN general assembly president Miguel Brockaman to represent him at the UN !! Oh yes Nicaraguan !!
The military operations in Libya have turned in to some sort of chess game. Qaddafi troops have gained control on cities that the revolutionaries controlled before and vice versa.  Of course there will be a new level in the game now with Obama’s order to CIA to start the covert operations. Needless to say I think the covert operations have already started from a long time , this is a psychological media warfare , you do not launch a cover operation and announce it publicly like that
There are news Khamis Qaddafi is still alive as the Libyan TV aired some footage for him at Bab Al Aziziya. I have seen the footage though , I only saw this screencap.
The return of war criminal !!
Eman Obeidy is still in the minds and hearts of many people of the world. Eman’s family is extremely proud of her and they even celebrated her engagement to her cousin in Benghazi in some sort of defiant move to Qaddafi. From their side I have seen last night Hala Misrati on national Libyan TV claiming boldly that Eman were a prostitute , a whore and that the Qaddafi regime was working on a website that would expose her in video and photos !! so Eman is not crazy anymore !! I wanted to punch Hala Misrati in her face , seriously especially with her disgusting attack on the people of Benghazi calling God to curse them. 
Hala Misrati has become the Hanaa and Sayid Ali of Libya technically , from two days ago she interviewed a Syrian journalist Rana El-Akabany accused of helping the enemies aka the revolutionaries !! Terrible interviewer but Rana was strong.
Hala Misrati interrogates Rana El-Akabany
I wonder if the Syrian ambassador will do anything to help this young lady.  Hala Misrati got FB pages now , but FB pages fan but rather Anti-Hala Misrati FB pages like “ How many person wants the execution of Hala Misrati !!? “ and “Egyptians demand the prosecution of Hala Misrati” .I googled Misrati and found out her FB page and her blog. I can call now Misrati is so so so so ignorant aside from the fact she is so so so rude.
There are still thousands of Egyptians stuck in Misurata who do not know when or how they will get back home. Qatar has offered its help to transfer the Egyptians back home but aside from the fact the ships will not come tomorrow , the Qaddafi troops are making it hard to ships already to reach to Misurata from time to time whether from Egypt or from Qatar. Here are videos , very sad pleas.
Egyptian Refugee camp in Misurata–Egyptians plea 1
Egyptian Refugee camp in Misurata–Egyptians plea 2
Egyptian Refugee camp in Misurata–Egyptians plea 3
Egyptian refugee camp in Misurata- Egyptian plea 4
Here are photos from refugees’ photos.

There are about 6,000 Egyptians in this refugee camp , they are complaining from the shortage of water , food and medical supplies. It is catastrophic by all measures.
About 260,000 Egyptians have reportedly returned back to Egypt from Libya , there are still hundreds of thousands stuck in the country. The Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs denied the news that our embassy was being encircled by the Qaddafi troops in Tripoli yet it did not deny that our consulate in Benghazi was attacked by the Qaddafi troops during the shelling.
The position of Egypt officially was being criticized , people were shocked that Egypt was not at this conference in London about Libya when everybody was there , Libya is our national security , how can’t we be there ? Despite the good foreign policies Nabil El-Araby began to adopt , our absence reminded the people with the fiascos of Mubarak. FM Nabil El-Araby stated that Egypt was actually invited but the neighbor of Libya refused to go because it approved and pushed the No-Fly zone decision in League of Arab states and security council yet it disapproved the military operations against the Qaddafi regime !! I don’t understand our position , already some sources say that the army did not want to interfere there because we had nothing there !!!!! 
Many people across the Arab world wished that the Arab countries especially Egypt and Saudi Arabia would launch a military operation against the Qaddafi troops before Western military intervention. Of course some may understand the position of Egyptian army but I can’t make the Saudi position from what is taking place especially two GCC countries are deeply involved in the operations : Qatar and UAE.


  1. Why would the Saudis do something that they can simply pay someone else to do?

  2. The US government did not come out hard against Gaddafi until after all US citizens have been evacuated for fear that any criticism would provoke a reaction from Gaddafi against Americans still in the country. I imagine the Egyptian government is not participating in the international coalition for the same reason.

    As a side note, I discovered this blog maybe three weeks ago and absolutely love your insights. Thank you for providing us with your posts.

  3. keep NATo away from N Africa and Meddle East..

  4. @ The Familiar Strange
    I heard that the Saudi's are sending an army to Libya made up of Pakistani, Philippine, Bangladeshi and an assortment of people from other poor countries.


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