Friday, May 13, 2011

Suzanne Thabet joins the rests of the Mubaraks in the 15 Day pending investigations club

Ok again is still down so most probably when you read this insh Allah on the blog it will be late , nevertheless I must cover it.
Suzanne Thabet is imprisoned in jail for 15 days pending investigation of corruption charges after being interrogated in Sharm El Sheikh. We do not know if she is going to be transferred to Cairo or not. According to Al Ahram portal and Al Jazeera Mubsar Misr she is going to transfer to the famous Kantar women prison and that the prison was being prepared for her reception for days. Al Ahram claims that she would be transferred on a military jet to Cairo like her son. On the other hand other sources say that she is not going to be transferred to Cairo because of security reasons and she will stay with her husband in suit 309 in Sharm El-Sheikh hospital. We are not sure if she is there yet or not. The security authorities in jail stated that they had not received yet any order regarding Thabet.
Update#1 : Nile News announced that Suzanne Thabet suffered from chest pains after knowing the detention order , the chest pain turned to be angina !! Now she will have to be treated at the ICU in Sharm El-Sheikh hospital besides her husband unsurprisingly !! This is so provoking. Al Masry Al Youm published a report saying that the IGA left Suzanne Thabet’s detention location to the MOI !!
Update #2 : The Sharm El-Sheikh hospital manager claims that Suzanne Thabet suffered from short coma and that why she was kept in hospital where as the minister of interior stated that she did not suffer from anything serious and the Kantar prison was ready to receive her. For the record this is what causes short comas : a severe injury to the head that hurts the brain, seizures, infections involving the brain, brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen for a while. Of course we got other reports in the media claim now she suffers from a heart attack as well !!
With this order , the whole Mubarak family is officially imprisoned pending investigation as we have got Alaa and Gamal currently in Tora prison while Hosni Mubarak himself detained in the Sharm El-Sheikh hospital. It is the first “15 days” order she gets while her sons have got the third “15 days” order. Now according to the law the maximum limit of “15 days imprisonment pending investigation” order issued by the public persecution and the illicit gains authority “IGA” is  3 times , after that it is either release or jail as we have heard. Of course I am not a law expert but other ex-ministers got 4 “15 days imprisonment pending investigation” like Zohair Garana.
Former/ousted president Mubarak is imprisoned for another 15 days pending investigation in Sharm El-Sheikh’s hospital suit yesterday. The interrogations with him and his wife started in Sharm El-Sheikh last night and continued till today’s morning with his wife the former first lady. I think this is the first time the IGA interrogates Suzanne Thabet. She is the first ex-first lady in the Arab world to face corruption charges officially and detained like that.
Egyptian activists , tweeps and protesters in Tahrir square have received the news of her detention in a relief and a great joy.
Now there are some leaks that Hosni Mubarak confessed that he hided LE 147 million from Alexandria library bank account and transferred to his account , we do not know if it is true or not though. Of course it is not enough that he confesses in front of the investigators but he has to be found guilty in front of the court by hard evidence that can send him behind bars.
There are many activists wondering why Mubarak is not being prosecuted in front of military court or revolution court in order to receive maximum penalty in quick time. Well I thank God that Mubarak is not prosecuted in front of military or revolution court despite all what he had done in this great nation from crimes because of the following :
  • I want him to get a fair trial with true documents incriminating him not only in front of the Egyptians or the world but in front of the future generations. The revolution tribunals are also accused to be biased and unfair , we all remember how the 1952 revolution tribunals are often criticized and attacked widely. I do not want this to happen. Mubarak has enough skeletons in the closet to send him to the death row. I want his corruption to be documented so honestly because our revolution is not against the corruption of those 30 years but the corruption of those past 60 years , the corruption of pharaoh idolism.
  • We will not be able to restore his money from Switzerland or any other country in the world especially in Europe if he does not get a fair civilian trial and his assets are proven to be accrued illegally.


  1. I heard that cardiac doctor only observing the Thabit for 24 hours in SAS.

    Tomorrow hopefully she will transfer to Kantar Resort.

    I agree that every piece of evidence be collected and then the whole trial televised to the public for history and a lesson to any wannabe dictators planning to rape a country of it's wealth and kill it's people ie Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Saudi etc etc etc

  2. I want to see how the white Kantar Prison jump suit looks on her with her diamond and pearl earrings and necklace.

  3. Thank you again Z for a quick report on this subject. Why she has to spend time at Sharms Hospital and why Egyptians have to pay for this expensive treatment! mubarak is ousted president and she is no longer First lady of Egypt!!! she and mubarak should be treated just like any Egyptians! there are so many comments made even by foreigners why the Egyptians have hard time to believe and trust SCAF and the law in Egypt because they could see it clearly there were double standard when it comes to mubarak and his family!!! They both should spend time in Porto Tora hospital! This is punishment from Allah swt for their crime! I hope they will spend time behind bar and all their properties from the illegal money should be confiscated!

  4. Apparently Mubarak was not the first Egyptian president to start getting arms commission according to this report

  5. @ Z
    Your diagnosis of Susanne Mubarak's causative factors to her short-term coma is incorrect!
    Her coma may have been caused due to the following factors:
    1. A severe injury to her bank account that hurts the brain causing seizures.
    2. Probability of death by hanging.
    3. Brain damage caused by a lack of power.

  6. you get 2 renewed detentions pending investigation per case, meaning 3X15 days for each case. Where you have several cases whether including corruption or involvement in shooting protesters each gets renewed arrests separately so it depends how many cases are filed against the woman or her husband but yes, according to law they can get more than 2 times renewals with several cases. I don't believe there will be a release prior trial as we can dig tens of corruption and indirect murder cases against them, the important matter now isn't that but that they should be transferred to prisons like their sons and enough with these health issues excuses.

  7. @anonymous if someone cares so much about money and power that they shoot people and cause hundreds of deaths and sorrow then they are already brain damaged and then again, considering her choice for a life partner she was always brain damaged from a very young age.

  8. All because she's not like you? "Civilized, educated, well-groomed and not fat wrapped in black cloth reeking then? Envy is a bad feeling, but the Egyptians unfortunately it is in the blood, the envy .... soon will come to you from a neighboring house because you have a computer and have someone netu.Obtained and you have to blame the enrichment and do not take away property? Unfortunately, Egypt was rolled away for tens of years ago ....

  9. Slowly but surely, justice will prevail. isa

  10. When the democratic movement started in Tunisia and Egypt, there was no doubt that all of this was about China and Russia and their partners, Iran and Syria. This is about total regional supremacy with all of its oil resources, strategic significance and access to the Arabian sea through Akaba, the gateway to China. But this represented the Euro-zone with a unique opportunity to somewhat balance the books at least in so far as their most expensive aerospace projects, both France and the UK/Germany/Italy/Spain (Nato) needed to sell their Fighter Aircrafts the Rafale and the Typhoon. When the Libyan campaign started, both France and the UK had a stake in promoting the no fly zone thus be able to sell arms and in particular demonstrate what the Rafale (which to date sold zero unit abroad) and its direct competitor the Typhoon, both had to demonstrate their destructive power operationally and on real targets which explains the ferocity of the bombing as billions were at stake. Libya thus was an excellent demonstration platform for India and Saudi Arabia both on the market for an upgrade. A multiplicity of targets were chosen and both the Rafale and the Typhoon did their best to demonstrate their capabilities in live situations, so they went about destroying an array of targets to the satisfaction of the Indians and the Saudi who liked what they sa, and in the end signed the multi-billion dollar contracts for both Aircrafts, the Rafale for India and the Typhoon for Saudi Arabia thank you very much. This therefore will deny Russia any such sales to Libya, previously armed by the Russians. Next, since Libya and soon Syria will need a reconstruction program, no doubt there will also be massive multi million reconstruction projects awarded to put right what the contractors themselves have destroyed, so now you understand one reason why the same forces want a no fly zone over Syria apart from other reasons. This formula has been tested in Iraq who too is ready for a military upgrade if it does what it is told, and soon Yemen will do so given time. So you might ask, what about Egypt, well the Egyptian armed forces will not let go easily as they too want their upgrade from the US and for that the Egyptian armed forces must maintain the status quo, so it is not going to rock the boat and the democratic movement will not be a walk in the park for freedom seekers in Egypt nor any other Arab country. So now for those shouting freedom and those railroading the masses with camels, you have to learn to see the wood for the trees. Frankly a democratic movement in the Arab world or even the thought of Freedom under an Islamic regime is non workable, they will soon be preoccupied by instituting the Sharia law they will overlook what is happening behind the scene and most importantly they will overlook the fact that their country needs to progress through modernization in every aspect . But keep at it and see what happens, its a game of cat and mouse where the cat always wins, but my guess? the Army is a cat and will remain the supreme power in Egypt come what may.


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