Sunday, June 19, 2011

SCAF wants to know your favorite presidential candidates

SCAF has published a very interesting poll in its official page on the Facebook , it was more interesting than the previous poll which no one knows why it had been posted. ‘I think they they were testing the feature then’
Anyhow today’s poll is indeed interesting and forces us to think about why the SCAF is so eager to know who is our favorite potential presidential candidates when we already do not know if we are going to have our parliamentary elections or the constitution first.
When SCAF had posted a link to the poll in a website outside the Facebook , it created confusion and people though that the Facebook page was hacked. The first link posted on the Facebook this afternoon took me to a page in a Website called “Egypt First” and that page required my Facebook username and password so I vote in the poll. Sooner enough we find this error message in the website.
Account suspended 
People believed that either there was some sort of hacker or that SCAF wants to hack or even Stalk them on Facebook. ‘You can not blame them after 30 years of police state’
Anyhow people began to complain on SCAF Facebook page and in less than an hour the post with the link was removed and another new post was published. The new post announced that by the request of the people the poll was transferred from the website to the FB official page. This means the page was not hacked and it was down due to traffic.
After another hour the page posted the poll with the following question “Who is your favorite presidential candidate !?”. Unlike the old poll , this poll will extend for a whole month from 19/6/2011 to 19/7/2011. There are 15 potential presidential candidates arranged alphabetically. Of course there are other presidential candidates but seriously no one can keep it up with all those people announcing their presidency.I can’t ignore the fact that Bothania Kamel is among the candidates, it is a positive sign. The post made clear that it has nothing with the presidential elections and the upcoming president of Egypt whom will be elected through the elections. Needless to say due to some technical report , some friends told me that it is due huge traffic.
Then after 2 hours SCAF published its 63 message/statement assuring that the page was not hacked and explained what happened and why they changed the poll. Interestingly enough the message says that in this month the poll will be modified as candidates will be added and removed accordingly. I wonder who will be the lucky ones that will make to the end of the month !?
Personally I have not been able to vote till now in the poll up till now. Of course we have to ask if this has nothing to do with the presidential elections and knowing in advance the the favorite presidential candidates for nearly 7 million Egyptian Facebook users , then what is it !?
Some have fears from this poll and consider as an indication that SCAF will interfere in the upcoming presidential elections. “To be held in December insh Allah”
Well personally I will not surprised to know that the SCAF is having this poll in order to know those serious candidates it should pay attention to. Of course I am quite surprise to find names like Ahmed Shafik , Omar Soliman and Mortada Mansour !! I find the name of Omar Soliman is quite trouble especially that it is said that last Friday he prayed at some mosque and people asked him to run for presidency !!
We are all Khaled Said is having its poll and it is working.
Side note : I think already stands force the Egyptian armed forces


  1. Online polls are meaningless. The SCAF should talk to a statistician and do a real scientific poll.

  2. Obviously a Facebook poll is completely not indicative of Egyptians. So this pretty useless, I can't believe these buffoons are running the country.


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