Saturday, July 9, 2011

Suez Sit in : Still holding on

I do not know if there is a civil disobedience or not in Suez , there are lot of rumors already there. The thing we are sure from is that thugs tried to attack the sit in at Arbin square but the people arrested them. After the thugs attack as far as I understand , the people of Suez decided to cut the highway to Cairo again.

Please follow tweets of Shady Ahmed in Arabic to know the latest updates in Suez. Here are the latest photos he uploaded to twitter showing the barricades set by the angry citizens.

There are a lot of rumors coming from the canal , the latest one is that the revolutionaries cut the road to the Suez canal and are threatening to occupy the governorate building. Again these are rumors as far as I could tell.

Still the following news are not rumor at all :

  • The minister of interior has sacked the head of Suez security directorate to Cairo police general Osama Tawil. It is not over yet for Tawil because the public prosecution has ordered his arrest.
  • Not less than 24 protesters are having hunger strike.
  • Police officer Mohamed Abdel Aziz Zein , the deputy chief investigator in Suez “I hope that I translated his position correctly” was killed today. Officially he was shot down by some thief trying to steal a car in Cairo. Zein was just transferred to Cairo from couple of days ago. The murder of Zein has just unleashed many fears as most people believe that Zein was involved in the murder of the protesters and the vengeance game started after the failure of judicial system to restore the rights of martyrs in Egypt.I read the names of those officers accused of the protesters’ shooting and I did not find the name of Zein among them. Zein was working in Suez during the revolution.

We will not cheer for the murder of police officer on the hand of some thief. Some of the most famous tweeps unfortunately cheered for the murder as if the families of the Suez’s martyrs did. The families of Suez’s martyrs were actually bothered with this accusation.

Needless to say that the lack of justice in this particular case can lead to something like.

Things are not settled down in Suez by all measures.

Photo source : Shady Ahmed from Suez

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  1. I totally agree with the statement"We will not cheer for the murder of police officer on the hand of some thief." as this isn't a solution for whatever has taken place. Hope the dis stability in Suez comes to an end to prevent similar violent actions and further bloodshed.


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