Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We need an apology your excellency

Saudi Ambassador Ahmed El Katan claimed that the Egyptian pilgrims and their travel and shopping behavior were the reason behind the crisis of Umrah pilgrims on Al Hayat TV channel , well guess what according to the General Authority of civil aviation “GACA” the reason behind the crisis is Saudi airlines according to an official statement published today in Al Riyadh newspaper.
I do not know if Mr. Ambassador will apologize to the Egyptian people especially the Egyptian pilgrims whom you blamed their travel and shopping habits for the crisis or not but he does not look so good at all after this report !!
We know that our pilgrims are not the perfect model pilgrims but his excellency spoke about the pilgrims of the host country in a terrible way  especially when he is trying to prove that his country is not against the revolution.
Back to GACA’s report , well it is kind of strange because last Friday GACA and Saudi airlines published a common statement blaming the Egyptian pilgrims for the crisis alone.
Now I call my follow Egyptians to be wise next Hajj season , let the 1st time pilgrims to travel only as there is no need to have frequent Hajj for God sake . It is one in a life time ritual if you are truly mean it. Also to our future pilgrims , do not buy anything from there so his excellency ambassador Katan won’t blame you !!

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  1. i think we should be more radical and not send any pilgrims from Egypt during Hajj this year.


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