Sunday, October 9, 2011

The R&D budget in the Faculty of sciences in Egypt !!

This document below is allegedly from the R&D department in the Faculty of Science , University of Mansoura.
The Budge for a whole year
By Baher 
It shows the budget of 2011/2012 allocated to the R&D department following “department of geology” after it was approved by the Faculty of Sciences’ administration.
The budget of academic year 2011/2013 is LE 830 “exactly $ 139.215”

This is the budget allocated for research and development in the university. This budget is less than the price of iPad price and I will not be surprised to know that the budget of the R&D departments across state owned universities will be not more than level !!
Updated : 
It turns out that the budget of the R&D section of chemistry department , Faculty of pharmacy is LE 5,000 only !! LE 5,000  "$890" which is less than a price of Mac Book Pro in Egypt !!!
By the way the University of Alexandria’s dean Hend Hanfy stepped down yesterday from her position after protests and sit in by the students that was held for days. The resignation of Hanfy did not come so easily because the Alexandria university students were attacked by Hend’s supporters with water hoses !!!
University of Alexandria : Attack on the students
By the way that young lady wearing olive t-shirt is Mahienour El Massry.
There is a strong movement across several universities in Egypt where students demand that the NDP appointed deans to resign.


  1. This document from mansoura University not Alexandria the vice dean of postgraduate studies in faculty of science alexandria university is prof. usama el shazely not Azza

  2. First of all this document concerns the University of Mansoura and not the University of Alexandria.
    Secondly, there is no proof that the amount stated in this document represents the totality of the R&D Budget... It could be a response for an independent request by the department head...
    So please be more thorough in your publications as to avoid miss-information.

  3. The first paper is from Mansoura University not Alexandria University.

  4. It could be a response for an independent request but it's also a very low budget anyway the Research budget is very low and hard to get and yes some departments have a few money less than 5000 LE

  5. Update: According to one of my blog commenters, there's a rumor that Hend Hanafi has decided not to resign after all.


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