Saturday, November 26, 2011

#Tahrir : Another young man killed, another martyr “Graphic”

I want to wake up one day without expecting to hear disasters and young people getting killed by security forces in Egypt.
Today a 19 years old young man has been killed when a CSF vehicle has ran over his body. Ahmed Sorror is the latest martyr to die in a bloody week in Egypt , here is the latest in a long time.
Now from what I understood Sorror and other protesters were having a sit in in front of the cabinet HQ. At early morning they found suddenly CSF vehicles coming to the street , they believed the these CSF units came to disperse the sit in. In no time more protesters came from Tahrir square to protect the sit in and sooner there were rocks hurled and allegedly Molotov cocktails.
Then at the same time the CSF officers were surprised and panicked , one of them called the commandership and told them what means in English you have sent us to hell. Some of the vehicles moved and left the street and according to the eye witnesses a CSF vehicle ran over late Sorror.
Here is a graphic video shows late Sorror after the terrible accident , May Allah bless his soul. “Extremely graphic”
Late Ahmed Sorror
You can read the testimony of Mohamed El Sayid who witnessed the whole terrible incident.
Ahmed Sorror’s mom told the protesters and activists who stood by her in the morgue that she believes that his right will not be gone as long as they are defending it.
The poor mother at the morgue

Now what is really in triggering in this incident is that the ministry of interior apologized officially sooner after the accident insisting that it was unintentional terrible accident . A police officer called Mohamed Adel made a tour in the talk shows in all TV channels today swearing it was unintentional and they did not mean disperse the sit in nor to kill the young man. Of course it was noticeable that this arrogance we used to in the tone of the police officers on TV.
It is not a surprised considering the anger in the street especially after what happened to CSF first lieutenant Mohamed Sobhy El-Shennawy.
Who is CSF officer Mohamed El Shennawy ?
Well he is the hero of the infamous video shot last week during the battles of Mohamed Mahmoud where he shot down the protesters with a rifle and his CSF conscripts cheering for him on how he got the eyes of those bastards !! You can watch the video below.
Tahrir : Bravo Pasha for hitting their eyes
El Shennawy 
In less than 24 hours his name , academic background , Facebook account “it is unavailable now” and allegedly his mobile phone were in twitter. A home address was also spread as his home address but it turned to be a wrong one thank goodness. Personally I am against sharing his home address because this vigilance style of justice will not bring peace to the society as some think.  Interestingly enough this young office is a graduate of College De Frere , English section Class 2005 and Police academy Class 2009.
El Shennawy in school 
The clip found its way to the media and TV channels. On last Thursday just before the million man protest we found the the general prosecution office announces that it demanded his arrest. Next day we knew that he was allegedly arrested and is kept in safe place for further investigation. Do not underestimate this action and consider it a concession , now young officers may think twice. In fact I will dare and say they do  and just see how they reacted after the terrible accident of late Sorror.
Mohamed El-Shennawy is being labeled the revolutionaries’ eyes sniper now , foreign media like CNN calls him the eyes’ hunter.
Malek Mustafa believes that based on the time of the video and its location , he was the one who hit by the bullet of El Shennawy.
You must know that for real the policemen are some how shaken and they are scared from retaliation. The photo of Shennawy , how his info reached to twitter and social network and how he became a wanted live or dead fugitive for Tahrir was a price on his head.
LE 5000 reward for the one that find him 
Wanted graffiti in Tahrir 
Speaking about snipers , this photo surfaced on the social networks in Egypt showing what is believed to be snipers squad in the CSF , just check those sitting in the right side and type of rifles they got.
What are these snipers ? 
This photo was taken from a CSF officer Ramiz Mansour's Facebook page , the guy at the right at the second row holding a sniper rifle
Ramiz Mansour : I am the only sniper 
The Ministry of interior is on fire because simply SCAF is ready to sacrifice the police officers. Last week  Hamdy Badeen accused the civilian police of committing crimes against the protesters !! Of course before the week ends , he told potential presidential candidate Bothiana Kamel that the army units that stormed the Tahrir square were following the centralized zone.
Anyhow here is an X-Ray for one of the #Nov18 wounded and it shows allegedly a .9mm bullet. From “The Safwats

The .9mm bullet is the standard bullet used in police and army as well as far my security information. Of course police and army deny the use of live ammunition.
Here is a screencap showing an alleged conversation between a police officer working in the MOI with his friends on Facebook where he says that the gunshots have not stopped hoping it would not stop !! “Let it be on fire more”

FYI the central security forces were found in 1969 by none other than Gamal Abdel Nasser to crack down the students’ protests then.
Kamel El Ganzoury promised that there will be a radical change in MOI in his second cabinet claiming that he will choose young police officers. Unfortunately leaks say that the Police coalitions and so called reformist movements are nominating generals with bad records.
The complete reform in MOI is now from the main united goals for all revolutionary political powers and movements in Egypt . If we manage this to happen , I will consider a huge victory for the Egyptian revolution and Egypt. The true reform in MOI must be from our first demands.


  1. Great assessment Dearest Z. as always. I for my part think it is just fine to have Al Shennawy exposed like this and I do not want to see him getting away with the usual 6-monthes jail sentence. He and his fellows need to be purged from the force without mercy.

    However, why do you think MOI is sacrificed by SCAF. Sure SCAF want to defend their 60 years of privileges as using conscripts in their factories and all. But there is still the Old Guard in the MOI and they believe they just have to kill people in Tahrir, because Egypt has 82 million people and who cares in the end about a few casualties. As long as this nefarious mindset is in place there will not be a reform of the CSF and there will not be any trust between the people and the police.

  2. Mohamed El Shennawy is a byproduct of murderous institutions led by tyrants.
    The only way to change things for the better is to dismantle and clean up these institutions just like the East German people did with the Stasi.
    The new culture of these institutions must read 'I am in the service of protecting my society and citizens'.


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